Bonjour! Before I type anything more, I’ll just get right down to business: I’m a 22 y/o girl, currently living in Amsterdam who wants to be an actress. So there you have the who & where. As for the why: I will use this blog primarily to write about the trials and tribulations I encounter on my way to Los Angeles. A trip that will take place somewhere between February and June 2011, though it’s been in the planning since 1988. That’s right all you attention paying geniuses, since my birth! This blog will be written mainly for myself. I mean… how cool would it be to read all this when I receive my first Oscar, right? ;P However, I can imagine this blog being interesting for anyone who has a dream they want to follow, whether that is being an actress or being the first human being to open a spa on the moon. I also really would love if this blog would get me in touch with other like-minded or passionate people.

So…that’s it for the first entry. I expect many a tale to end up here. Tales of performing the most important role in my life as a corporate sell-out to collect money for LA, of the always unglamorous process of doing an audition, of the projects and premieres and the stuff behind the scenes and I’m sure many random things in between. And maybe once to twice a pretty picture or drawing I stumbled upon. And once I get to L.A.: the extremely exciting and completely unpredictable way of reality competing with a dream. And hopefully turning into one…



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6 responses to “Introductions!

  1. Hey hello, love to see people chasing their life-dream. I hope u succeed.
    I came to this following your reply on Antonie. I thought he was a great actor too. Question; if your ambitions are with making movies, what are you doing in amsterdam? Its not like Holland is known for its cinema opportunities?
    Drop me a line.

    *Love your art by the way!

    • Hi, thanks for your kind comments. I am in Amsterdam because I was born in Holland. But my whole blog is gonna be my move to Los Angeles next year, which is going to be super exciting. How about you? Are you in the entertainment industry? Hope you enjoy!

  2. Lisanne

    Hi, Love your blog! Hope you’re going to post more of this. Can I ask you what you already did in the acting world? I kind of have the same dream as you do. I’m now doing a pre-training for theateracedemys and after this I hope I get in a acedemy for theater. Already played a couple of roules in short movies and performances and I am very ambitious to do more. How did you learn such a good english? I don’t know if I get to a point of moving to LA, but I really hope so. And I am defenetly going to follow this blog to get inspired, thanks for making!

    • Hi! Nice to meet you! As for what I’ve done so far: I did some shorts, and theatre when I was younger. And right now I’m taking a pre-training for theatre academies as well! I’ve also visited LA twice before and did acting courses there and got in touch with an agent, which i will definitely write about in my blog soon. Hope that you’ll enjoy my blog and share your own stories too! Where are you from and which school are you training at?

  3. Lisanne

    Hey! Ik ben gewoon Nederlands. Ik antwoordde express in het engels omdat ik dat mooier vind en er beter in wil worden, net zo goed als jij als dat kan! Ik doe de LOT(landelijke oriëntatiecursus theaterscholen) in Eindhoven, ben tot nu toe op de toneelschool geweest in Arnhem(Artez) en op de toneelacademie in Maastricht. Over 2 weken ga ik naar de toneel en kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam, daar woon jij toch? Welke vooropleiding doe jij? Heel leuk om te zien dat je je dromen waar wil maken en daar ook écht voor gaat, er zijn veel mensen die het willen maar er zijn er maar weinig die er echt voor gaan. Heel inspirirend!

  4. Rico

    I’m sorry but–why aren’t you saying your name? I can’t find it anywhere on your whole blog. Or Is there something wrong with my eyes?

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