Where Do (Pipe) Dreams Come From?

Not that I intend to post on this blog in an order that has anything to do with chronology, but why not begin with a post on beginnigs? The beginnings of dreams or passions. I mean, why does one grow up wanting to be a writer while the other devotes his life to being an astronaut? Why is the guy that I see through my window right now satisfied being a construction worker while Donald Trump needs to go on until he can buy a planet? I’ve wondered about this often.  Especially the Donald Trump part, he’s just such a babe…I kid! No, but seriously: does anyone ever really know where their passions come from? I certainly don’t, but let’s review the theories anyway…

Nature versus nurture, baby! (and the maybe-i-was-adopted-theory)

Theory Nature: My parents love movies, and for the rest the only persons in my family that have any passion related to the performing arts are my genetically unrelated uncle and my from Columbia adopted niece. So there isn’t much evidence for the nature theory. To be honest, though.. I only know approximately 0.3 % of the family from my dad’s side, which is logical considering the fact my grandma had 17 kids, some of them who had great grandkids before I was even born. But who knows, maybe on of them likes acting. One of them could be Julia Roberts for all I know!

Theory Nurture: Uhm, no. For every Dina Lohan or pushy dad that you see on Idols there has to be a rational parent. Like mines, bless them. While they dutifully drove me to every acting class I enrolled in as a child, they were always very clear: Thou shall study. And though I will receive my Bachelor’s degree next week, I have since quit uni and am right now working full time to save up euro’s to spend as dollars in L.A. The blood crawls where it can’t go, as we like to say in Holland! It means as much as people don’t always do what is most convenient if they have a passion. Enough with the wise words though, point is: I remember me acting out commercials on my own while I was maybe 5 years old. My first memory of embarrassment stems from that experience, since I was talking out loud and my mom and lil’ sis were watching. So I haven’t been nurtured into this silly acting thing…not consciously anyway!

Theory-I-was-adopted-but-haven’t-been-told-yet: Though I’m the mirror image of my mom with my dad’s nose (thanks dad..) this is actually not an entirely implausible theory. True story: I was always told that I was named after a singer who had a hit song in the ’80. I was even given the record with a hitlist from that month in it. Many years later, while I was moving my stuff into my room in Amsterdam, my clever friend Anna notices something…the year on the record and hitlist is 3 later than my birth year. A Google and Wikipedia session later we have to conclude: this singer was not known before that year. Comment from the mom? “That is a mistake, maybe she had another song before.” Me: “No, we checked Google”. Mom:”Well, then I don’t know how we came up with your name.” A theory that also fits with this evidence is that I am actually 3 years younger of course. What an overachiever I would be if that were true! And it certainly explains my love for swings and other childish activities!

So, how about you? When did you know you wanted to be an actor/writer/astronaut/disgustingly rich entrepreneur? Would love to hear your stories! And if you like mine, you can get updated on them by e-mail through the I Want To Follow button on the upper right side of this page . It’s free and easy!



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5 responses to “Where Do (Pipe) Dreams Come From?

  1. Hi Shannice, lovely writing here and I’m very excited to read your story and follow your journey. It’s going to be an exciting one:) Your writing is excellent – amazing that English is not your mother tongue and I know your blog can help you showcase your genius and find people who love you.

    If I was big in Hollywood I’d like to see photos of you, hear your voice and see you on film. Can you add a section with that stuff. You’re so fresh and gorgeous but I can hardly see you in that tiny pic up top:) x Annabel

  2. Thanks so much Annabel! Not so sure about adding more photo’s yet, as I’d like to attain a certain degree of anonymity. Also because I don’t want to use this blog as a self-promotion tool, more as a place where other aspiring actresses/whathaveyou’s can exchange stories! But I’m sure I’ll add a page for projects. Lots of stuff still needs to be done for sure 😀 Great to get tips from an expert like yourself! x

  3. C.

    Heejj I’m n0t really sure h0w and if this is w0rking
    but I h0pe it did
    First 0f all I want to say well done
    on y0ur english language , You speak/write =p
    english veryyy well !!

    Sec0nd I would Like 2 share with you that
    I’ve got the same dream, also on the moment
    I was born. I actually do believe that I live in
    the wrong country, I should have born in Amerika
    Nyc/la Somewhere 0ver there =p.

    I wanna go to, to la for 2 things on the first and always
    the first place is : I wanna be famous :$
    I wanna get a part, I wanna do auditions,
    second reason cause I l0ve Amerika m0re then
    anything and I really wanna go s0on !!
    I will go someday to do those 2 reasons
    And Maybe It will work out for me
    I hope it will work out for y0u to cause
    I know exactually h0w you feel !!

    Now I have a question for you, you live
    in A’dam are you dutch then ? cause well
    it doens’nt have to meen anything. I’m dutch
    myselve, so if you speak dutch to me That would
    be better, cause I’m not as good as you in the english
    language !! Anywho my question now.
    You are talking to go to L.a and that you R goin.
    When do you leave ? And how, do you have a
    scool there work or a related family member?
    Tell me please, cause I’m sooo curious, cause
    it is very difficult to go live there !! And
    my last question I promis. How long you were
    planning 2 stay there have you any ideas?

    Well I h0pe it will work out for you just as
    you dream 0f !! And I wish you the best and luck
    and hopefully you don’t have to leave ever =D

    C You 0n screen

    right /mail me back pleasee



    • Hi Carlijn, ten eerste bedankt voor het achterlaten van een berichtje, superleuk. En veel vragen heb je! En velen zal ik in in de komende tijd in mijn blog beantwoorden, die gaat tenslotte over mijn voorbereidingen voor LA. Sommige dingen weet ik op het moment namelijk ook nog niet zeker, zoals hoe lang ik precies zal gaan etc. Maar dat zal binnenkort allemaal duidelijk worden, zeker deze maand nog. Ik ben inderdaad Nederlands en weet hoe moeilijk het is om voor lange tijd die kant op te gaan. Ik wens je heel veel succes en hoop dat je wat aan mijn verhalen zal hebben! xx

  4. Yo NB! Good job on the blog thus far. I’ll chime in here, because as a so-called “dream achiever” for lack of a better expression, I can actually contribute something of substance, however unsubstantial… ;P

    When I was a kid growing up in Chicago, I found myself always being fascinated by sailboats. Despite the fact that we lived on the Southside, FAR from the lakeshore, I was enamored by sailing and water. I used to doodle boats on my notebooks all the time, in different scenes, and never seemed to tire of it.

    The “dream” developed on its own over the course of my life, in various ways and stages. The “dream” is probably what got me into the Navy when I had to choose a branch for military service (so I can experience what it’s like out on the ocean), sent me to the Virgin Islands when I decided to leave Florida for good, and ultimately got me to buying my first sailboat at the age of 36. Ten years later, I’m still on the water, though I concede, that I’ve probably played out the ‘dream’ for awhile, and it’s time to pursue new dreams.

    Before I did this, I thought I was living a “dream” in the way that I was financially successful (in LA of all places), living in a nice home, nice cars, etc. Once I realize that all this wasn’t what my dream was all about. It was very sobering. Usually life dreams are quite simple and elegant, and not grandiose and extravangant, despite what the consumerist world wants people to believe. The REAL dream is always trying to filter its way through distortions and obstacles that are imposed on you by REAL life. The people who realize their life dreams are the ones who choose to not let them be hampered by real life.

    You have already taken the first crucial steps in making your dream happen. Now, comes the time for audacity, tenacity and stubbornness. With these, you’ll make it, to whatever level is possible and available. Without these, well…. you know. 😉

    Talk to ya soon! And where’s my graphic???? 😮

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