Tales of Tinseltown

The City of Angels, Hollyweird, Tinseltown..there’s lots of names for Los Angeles. And I think that’s appropriate because there are lots of sides to the city too. I’ve been there three times now, my LA counter is up to 2,5 months, and I still have had just a glimpse of the desperate and tragic undercurrent running through this place. When you visit LA, you see a city like a vacation park (one from the ’50 if you walk through Beverly Hills). There’s palm trees, beautiful beaches, great shopping venues, and there’s always something going on. Whether it’s a premiere or a car show or a Cirque de Soleil teaser at the Grove, a shopping area that’s like Disneyland, complete with an old fashioned tram that gives tours and nostalgic jazz music. When you live in LA though, another side starts revealing itself. One that everyone hears about but that you only really start noticing when you make contacts there…especially with actors. It’s the side of sleazy producers inviting young girls to dinner together with a silent lawyer to prevent potential lawsuits, the side of desperate actors handing out headshots to strangers because it looks like they have a script in their hand, and the side of hopeful young actors turning into unsuccessful, cynical, old people that maybe did a porn film or two. This is a side that I’ve always really feared, because when you want something so bad and it becomes the only thing you focus on, you can fall really, really hard. So when planning my L.A. trips or when I’m busy with anything related to acting I just think of that bright side that L.A. has. And for me becoming a working actress that can survive with the money acting brings, is enough. That doesn’t mean I don’t already have my Oscar speech and plans for decorating a million dollar mansion ready though! A girl can dream, right? I think it’s necessary even, why else go on with this impossible acting thing?

But I got carried away! I was trying to say I can imagine there are lots (LOADS) of other aspiring actors, musicians, writers or directors having plans or intentions to move to Los Angeles. And I can imagine that they are very curious about what it’s like there, just like I was before I went to visit the actor colony. And that’s why in the coming weeks, I will write all about the three trips I made to Los Angeles. That way, before you buy that oh-so-expensive airplane ticket, you get at least a little bit of an idea of what it’s like! For an ambitious, Dutch girl with a love pink clutter anyway. And of course, if you have any questions…feel free to ask!

See the photos below for a glimpse of what’s to come!

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2 responses to “Tales of Tinseltown

  1. jane

    I started reading your blog now and I love it! 🙂 I am very interested in reading about your trips to Los Angeles. I read that you went to school at the acting corps. I also plan to go to that school, but I am still a little bit unsure about it. How was your experience like at the school? I am also from Europe so I am not sure if my english is good enough. Did you have any communications problems? I also read that you had a meeting with an agent. Did you get that meeting by yourself or did the school help you finding an agent? What program did you go to at the acting corps? I do know this is many questions and I hope I do not bother you with all these questions. I will definately continue reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Yours sincerely Jane 🙂

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