My First TV Role, Appearance on the News & Premiere

Sunday 12.30PM: As I’m writing this (first draft on paper) I’m standing on set: in the rain, freezing my butt off. Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted to be able to say that. The being on set part, freezing your ass off is a daily thing here in Holland. I dreamt that I would have to miss class and that my teacher would say to my classmates that I wasn’t present because I was on set. It’s not the first time I’m on set though. But it is the first time I’m on set for a TV program. Uh-huh, I scored my first TV role! And boy, it all went fast. Just as I was starting to think “Gee I need an audition soon, I’m getting impatient” my obnoxious, too-loud ringtone brightened everyone’s day at the office with a heart attack. It was an audition call, would I like to audition for a TV role? But of course I wanted that! The next day I was on an audition, the morning after I got the callback, the day after I dyed my hair for the role and the day after that here I am: the first day of shooting.

I haven’t done any scenes yet, so that’s why right now I finally have some time to write (literally! not the typing type). You see, yesterday I had a premiere! The premiere of my first real professional short. It was so magical to see my name appear on that silver screen amongst the names of some very big actors in Holland. One name on the screen was especially touching. The name of a great actor that committed suicide earlier this month. I was very excited to be in this movie with him, but unfortunately we didn’t share any scenes. So then I was very excited to meet him at the premiere, but unfortunately that didn’t happen either. There’s really nothing you can say. I didn’t know him personally, but it still touches you. You try to imagine what it must be like for the family and it’s incomprehensible. I think this short is a nice last movie for the actor though, he’s super in it. And it’s certainly a great first one for the starting actress that I am. Well… I’m stopping now so I can prepare for my scenes. Wish me luck!

Sunday 06.02PM: So by now about 5 to 6 hours have passed and I have filmed  one scene, drank one mini coke and ate 2 sandwiches. This may be my first professional production, but I’ve had far better catering, haha! The scene I did went well, I think. I got arrested and (wo)manhandled by two real cops, so I can check that off my to-experience-list. Isn’t that the reason why we love acting? So we can experience things we normally would never experience? It is a reason for me for sure! Still, I can’t wait to go home. Due to a Halloween party that had been on the schedule for forever I only slept for about 4 hours… And no matter how much I love acting, standing outside in the cold with nowhere to sit is never fun. But as I’m writing this I’m finally nice and comfy inside, 4 scenes to go!

Sunday 10.57PM: So, I just got home. It’s been a long day.  I also learned a very valuable lesson: you have to be a businesswoman/negotiator if you want to be an actress. In the US everyone has an agent or manager to take care of that part. But in Holland there are no real agents, and actors only get managers once they’re already famous. And contracts? Reading them usually doesn’t make things any more clear to me! My advice is: no matter how bad you want a part, review every contract and don’t be too afraid to ask for things. You have rights and if they want you, they’ll have no choice but to take them into account. It was my first experience in negotiating and such and I found it quite a hard thing to do. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. I think I’m going to give my previous management a call and hope they can give me some advice. And no, I wasn’t famous, even though I had a manager. I just asked them to help me with starting off an acting career and they were kind enough to do it. And end it after a year because I didn’t get enough work. Everything’s allright though, this is a tough business and it’s not all magical times and LA sun (more on that soon!). It’s working hard, getting dissappointed and learning. But the heights are worth all the lows!

To close it off with something nice: the local Amsterdam news station apparently made an item about the premiere of the short I just wrote about, for obvious reasons. And it showed clips of the scenes I am in. Pretty cool! Even cooler is that one of my best friends works at that news station and that it had nothing to do with that!

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16 responses to “My First TV Role, Appearance on the News & Premiere

  1. Anonymous

    Seems frustrating, but keep up the good work! With your first TV appearance and first TV role, even though it wasn’t perfect, still counts for a lot of progress for a weekend!

  2. Every step you take, is one less left on the road. And yeah, you’re gonna learn a few things along the way. All part of the biz. 🙂

  3. Thanks for te encouragement guys! HUG!

  4. Sharon

    Congrats on the TV show!
    Which show is it? Maybe I know it!

  5. Priscilla

    Congrats on your tv roles. Good luck in future roles. I am hoping to get experience soon.

  6. Sharon

    That’s so exciting! New York’s treating me well 🙂
    Yes I am! I’m trying to go on as many auditions as I can!

  7. judith

    hooi, ik vroeg mij af of jij mij kan vertellen hoe het hele visum procedure voor jou in elkaar zit. op internet wordt het allemaal zo vaag uitgelegd. wat voor visum, aanvraag, etc etc. ik hoor graag van je, groetjes

    • Hi Judith, ik heb nu slechts nog plannen maar zal binnenkort echt met de procedure beginnen en dan zal ik er hier zeker over schrijven. Dus hou de blog in de gaten (je kan op I Want To Follow klikken als je niks wilt missen) en als je nog vragen hebt, let me know! Groetjes!

  8. Bjarne

    Leuk schwester! Ook leuk ontworpen enzo allemaal. Hoe heb je die foto’s zo leuk polaroid gekregen met tekst eronder? Zeg geen photoshop want dan geef ik het op (en dat rijmt)


    x Bjarne Bruder

  9. Nadi

    Keep up the good work Shanice! Ik ben trots op je en ik vind het allemaal enorm dapper van je! Ben blij dat je eindelijk een beetje de richting op gaat waar je van droomt en waar je hart ligt.
    (Of moet ik posts in het engels doen?)

  10. Jonna

    Ik vind je blog echt geweldig! Ik ben zelf ook een aspiring actress. En je blog helpt me enorm! Ik vroeg me af of je nu misschien wel kan zeggen welke tv-show het is.

    • Superleuk om te horen. Er gaat namelijk behoorlijk wat tijd en moeite in zo’n blog! Oh, en over mijn TV debuut: Ik zal het zeggen zodra ik een mailtje heb gekregen van de productiemaatschappij, dan weet ik ook gelijk wanneer het op Tv komt! 😀

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  12. Danielle

    Hoi! Aangezien het al een hele tijd geleden is dat je deze blog schreef, vroeg ik me af of je nu misschien wel kunt zeggen welke film het is waar je hierboven over schreef. Ik neem aan namelijk dat die film nu wel al in de lucht is… Ik ben namelijk heel erg benieuwd naar hoe je acteert enzo. Ik had het al een beetje kunnen zien in je showreel, maar ik wil graag nog meer zien 😉

    xxx Danielle

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