Tales of Tinseltown: Acting Classes, Exploring LA & Lots of Pizza

It was finally time: my first real Los Angeles acting class. After walking through the North Hollywood heat for half an hour with my freshly met housemates we arrived at Cahuenga boulevard…well, technically: After walking through the heat for about an hour getting lost repeatedly we arrived at Cahuenga boulevard. Google maps wasn’t a thing yet okay? Anyway, the Acting Corps turned out to be a cute little place with one small theatre, two studios and an even cuter lunch place next door. As we entered the tiny theatre one by one our classmates came in. A beautiful Russian girl, a super tall Miami guy, a modelesque Brit, a Swedish
sweetheart…all nationalities were represented. And after an introduction by the school owner (who rumor has was once an adult movie star) our hottie teacher came in to start the first exercise: repetition…

Which was also the second and the third and the 45th and 117th exercise. Anyone familiar with Meisner technique will know this exercise. Basically it goes like this:

Person 1: Your eyes are blue.
Person 2: My eyes are blue.
Person 1: Your eyes are blue.
Person 2: My eyes are blue.

And after a while like this:
Person 1: Your eyes are blue.
Person 2: Yes, my eyes are blue.
Person 1: Yes, your eyes are blue.
Person 2: Yes, my eyes are blue.

And eventually like this:
Person 1: Your eyes are blue.
Person 2: You like my eyes.
Person 1: I like your eyes?
Person 2: You don’t like my eyes?
Person 1: Yes, I like your eyes. (note: when said by a boy replace eyes with tits ;p)

Now it sounds like I’m making fun of it but I’m not. Okay maybe a little now, but I did and do actually take this exercise very seriously. It’s quite a long story to explain the philosophy behind it and I’m not even sure if I get it, so I’ll just recommend anyone to read the book “On Acting” by Sanford Meisner. It’s pocket sized and written very clearly and all about this exercise and the Meisner technique.

After our first day of stating colors and shapes of things and repeating those, it was time to walk home and explore Los Angeles! One of my housemates, a very special lady who I’ll from here on refer to as Moroccan princess (because she was Moroccan and very pretty) had a friend who was coming over that day and he had a car. Something which is absolutely vital if you want to go..well..anywhere in Los Angeles. He took us to downtown LA and I remember being so perfectly happy as I was in the car, seeing all those city lights in the purplish sky and the famous hills around us. It was so special experiencing these things on my own, something I had imagined doing for so long…

After attempting to eat ramen noodles with chop sticks we headed into Universal City. I had been there before with my parents during daytime some years before. But during nighttime it was a whole different thing. It wasn’t a theme park anymore but a place where nightlife took place. The only attractions left were typical Hollywood girls with skirts in kiddie sizes. Always a sight to see! After we had some great dinner at a Mexican place we went home, getting in bed at a kind of decent time so we could be fresh and fruity for the next acting class…

The second acting class we had scene study, from a different teacher. We started working with scripts. We also did a little introduction round and I was amazed by the completely different backgrounds everyone was coming from. I’m always amazed by that. Whereas in sports you usually have the popular kids together and in computer clubs the more unpopular kids, in acting classes it’s always a mix. You have the jocks and those who get picked last when choosing sides in PE together, and the physics students and the fashion girls. I love it. You meet people you otherwise would have never met and it challenges your prejudices. Anyway, after class we took the metro and got off at Hollywood & Highland. Which is a nicely decorated station! The walls and ceilings are made completely out of film reel and there are also two of the oldest cameras in Los Angeles exhibited. New York, eat your heart out!

We went up the endless escalators and arrived at…the walk of fame! Also a place I had been before, but everything is just so different when you’re on your own with people you just met, free to do whatever! We walked around a bit, tried out some wigs at a wig store, checked out the Kodak Theatre and then I don’t quite remember what we did. I suppose we went home and ordered pizza with everyone at the guest house I stayed at. Pizza with movies or pizza with Dungeons & Dragons. That’s pretty much what we did on the days we didn’t go out. May sound boring but it was legen-wait-for-it-dary! Because everyone at the guesthouse got along so well.  We really became a close little bunch. I’m still in touch with most of these people today and some have visited me here in Amsterdam and some I hope to see soon when I return to the city of Angels.

During those TV watching evenings we also discovered the TV show Dexter. Though quite an international phenomenon now, at the time it was only known in the US of A. Me and the Moroccan princess and another roomie (who was freakily flexible and I will therefore call snake girl) got completely addicted to this show. So addicted that we watched the first two seasons within the span of three weeks. So addicted that snake girl ran about 6 blocks just to get new episodes from Blockbuster. So addicted that our housemates came in asking what was wrong after we screamed at the telly when something horrible happened. You get the message: we liked this show.

And then a very special date was nearing, the date I was going have a meeting with a Beverly Hills agent. The agent of Alexis Bledel and Jaime King amongst others. And the date of my 20th birthday! And boy did we celebrate, in total Hollywood style. But more on that later. My parents are starting to think I’m surgically attached to this laptop, so I’m gonna go off and be social. Hope you enjoyed reading! If you would like to get updated by e-mail every time I post something new, press the I Want To Follow button on the upper right. It keeps me motivated! All the best!



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11 responses to “Tales of Tinseltown: Acting Classes, Exploring LA & Lots of Pizza

  1. – linked here from lj
    – interesting reading about your life and journey, thanks for dong it
    – love the drawings

  2. Hi,
    I like your blog, it’s very interesting to see someone who’s doing the same thing I want to be doing, though not in Hollywood.
    When are you going over to Los angeles, any definite plans?
    Also, I feel kind of strange reading all these posts and looking and the pictures when I don’t know what you look like. Are you in any of them? Which one are you? 😛

    Love, Jerona (another dutchie)

    • Hi Jerona! Thanks so much for your feedback! I plan on going to Los Angeles sometime in 2011, I’ll keep you updated about it here! About the pictures, for now I would like to attain a degree of privacy, that’s why the pictures are all small. But I can tell you I’m the blonde one in most of them.

      So, tell me about your acting experience and plans! Are you taking any classes?
      ETA: Just realized there’s more than one blonde in some pictures. I’m the one in the pizza and Hollywood picture 🙂

  3. Tim

    nice blog, I saw on auditieforum that you’re taking your chances in BIG Hollywood. Hope everything works out well. I do have one question, what kind of acting classes did you attend in LA? I’ve worked with Nancy Bishop, an american casting director but I’m still looking for new classes or workshops to attend.

    Thank you and good luck

    • Hi Tim, thanks! As you may have read in this post I did Bootcamp I at the Acting Corps in 2008. I also took classes at another place in North Hollywood in 2009, and those classes really taught me a lot of personal and important things. I will write about them in much more detail soon, hope you can bear with me! If you want to make sure you don’t miss the post, you can choose to subscribe by clicking on the I want to follow button.

      So how where the Nancy Bishop classes? What kind of techniques did you learn?

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  5. Julia

    Interesting blog! 🙂
    I’m thinking about applying for Boot camp 1 and 2. Is it as great as it sounds? 😉 Do you have any advice concerning accommadation?
    /Julia, Sweden

    • Hi Julia! Thanks! The Acting Corps is certainly great if you only have a limited amount of time and want to do a more intensive course than one a week thing. I would recommend it for any starting actor. As for accommodation I would recommend staying at the Chateau de Soleil, this is where I stayed. You can read more about my experiences there in my other Tales of Tinseltown posts. Enjoy and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  7. Kristina=)

    Hey there=) I am new here=) but i love your blog=) its really diverse and full of useful info! Ia m happy there are still people like u on this earthe, who can write blogs and give such a useful info for free of charge)Thank u a lot! I am a person who is has the same dream like u=) I would love to become a professionala ctress and of course to go to LA, but its just hard when u are in a very lack of money((( I wanted to ask u did u get your student Visa throught which college exactly? As I understood u went to Acting Corps – so did u take a course there and got a Visa or not? I would love to contat u directly also if u dont mind))Would be nice to talk to u more deeply) if u dont mind – here is my email tatik89@mail.ru )All the best luck to u=))

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