Tales of Tinseltown: Hollywood Agents, Beaches & Birthdays at Sunset Blvd.

What do Panama, a Hollywood agent and the Borat movie have to do with each other? Usually not much, but in my case: a lot. While I was traveling in Panama I met this guy from the U.S. who was traveling all over south America with his boat. I’ll call him The To, as that is what I’ve named him in real life as well. Now The To and I were both on this Panamanian island, having mutual acquaintances there, but we never really hung out together. Until said acquaintances organized a barbecue where we bonded immediately over our love for some things in the Borat movie that has just been released at that time. Nothing much else happened while we were in Panama, but we kept in touch nonetheless through the wonders of Facebook. And when some time later I confessed to him that I wanted to be an actress, he confessed to have a high school friend who owned a talent agency in LA that he could set me up with! I’m not making this up, the world can be a miraculous place. So when I went to Los Angeles by myself for the first time, I was also headed for a meeting with the agency of none other than Alexis Bledel and Jaime King!

Now the getting to the agency part is something I don’t really like to remember. Me and and my housemate the Moroccan Princess (more on that here) thought we could go by public transportation. The metro had turned out te be reliable way of getting around after all. But the rest? Let’s just say I wouldn’t recommend it. At all. Ever. I think we arrived an hour late. Way to make a good impression. So there I was, in front of a huge marble building on Wilshire Blvd. in the heart of Beverly Hills, doing what I had dreamt of and imagined doing my entire life: meeting a real Hollywood agent. I remember being utterly confused in the elevator about where to go but being so fazed by it all I didn’t even feel nervous. When I finally reached the right floot I entered the pristine, white reception with fresh flowers and said words that felt very cool to say: “I have a meeting.”

Even though I was over an hour late the meeting turned out to be more than I could ever have hoped for. I had sent my pictures to the agency boss a.k.a. The To’s high school friend and thought that connection was what got me the meeting, but that turned out to be untrue. The agency boss had just sent my pictures to one of his agents and the agent decided she was interested herself! She talked about some things I needed to pay attention to (posture, staying healthy, finishing school, saving money) and closed off with that when I returned to LA for a longer period we could discuss representation! Now I know this is LA, and the people there are famous for making promises, but I met with the same agent again a year later. So I do think there is some real interest, right? Oh, and when the agent left her office for a few secs I managed to snap a picture of the beautiful view of LA. And to prove that this actually happened of course!

After the meeting I met up with the Moroccan princess again and we started wandering through Beverly Hills. Which was fantastic. It literally looked like a vacation park. There was no litter or chewing gum on the streets, no graffiti on the walls and combined with the well kept gardens and expensive stores definitely for the rich. When dinner time arrived we started looking for this raw food restaurant called Leaf Cuisine that the Moroccan Princess had heard about and wanted to visit. I had never heard of raw food before I went to LA but since she was so into it I had tried out a couple of raw food restaurants with her and promised to join her at Leaf Cuisine. But after about an hour of searching on top of the day we has spent walking through 90210 town we gave up and ate pizza instead. Tomato sauce is healthy too.

Now I don’t remember at all in which order the next things happened, but after our Beverly Hills adventure we started exploring the famous LA beaches. We had met a new friend from Australia, who I’ll call BlueSkyDays since he wrote a song with that name which I still have in my head sometimes. BlueSkyDays had a car which made the beach exploring much easier. We went to Venice Beach, which is a very charming place full of extremely muscly people working out and people doing acrobatics that wouldn’t misstand Cirque de Soleil. Makes you feel unfit for sure. And we went to Zuma beach in Malibu, which is beautiful and much less crowded than Venice Beach, but also has very violent waves that gave the Moroccan Princess a split lip.

After having spent the day in Malibu we went to a restaurant and ate pizza. It’s only now that I realize how much pizza we consumed! We ordered it almost every day when we were at the guest house (exhibit A), and apparently whenever we ate out too… Anyway, after the pizzafest we went to a cinema I had wanted to go to for a long time: the Arclight. It’s this huge cinema with movie props everywhere and it has this cool dome. While we were watching Tropic Thunder in the crowded but silent dome all of a sudden I hear a whisper:”Happy birthday.” It was 12 ‘O clock, I was now 20 years old! And that was the first time I ever had a birthday in the cinema! Which was only the beginning of the celebrating…

The next night after acting class we decided to celebrate my b-day by having dinner with the entire group of friends that we had formed. Unfortunately, the restaurants we had selected didn’t take reservations for groups larger than 10 persons. And we were with about 13 or so…So all disappointed we headed to the famous Ketchup restaurant at Sunest blvd. with just 9 of us. Until more and more people of our happy little group starting showing up. Not according to plan! But apparently no one cared! We got a table, glasses of champagne (and lots of other drinks, while half of us were under 21) and the party could start!

At one point we all starting singing (better word: screaming) along with the music that was played at the restaurant. I can remember especially our rendition of Under the Bridge. I can also remember when we got our bill. Six hundred dollars, please. But it was a small price to pay for one of the best nights ever. Afterwards we went back to the guest house and had quite an after party there. And then, maybe 3 hours later, it was time for acting class… As true dedicated actors we all got up in time and walked the 30 minutes through the heat to get there. Although I did spent my break sleeping on the toilet.

And then I crossed the 1000 words again, and I really need to make some dinner. So that’s it for this week. Up next week: breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel, running into Jessica Alba and cruising on Mulholland Drive. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any posts you can press the I want to follow button on the upper right. Hope you enjoyed!



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3 responses to “Tales of Tinseltown: Hollywood Agents, Beaches & Birthdays at Sunset Blvd.

  1. vickyaj

    Hey! Im vicky, the one who asked u about the Acting Corps over facebook…. It`s so good to hear that you got to meet an agent!! what happened? did u meet her a year later? did you get to work in the industry there? Im in the search for an agent in the US, any recommendations? Please!!!


  2. Hi Vicky, how do you like the Acting Corps? I did get to meet the agent again a year later and I will write about that soon! I didn’t get to work because I didn’t have a work visa and only stayed there for one month. As for recommendations, get an IMDb pro account. That way you can check which actor has which agent and get contact details as well. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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