Tales of Tinseltown: Old movies at the Hollywood Cemetery, the Beverly Hills Hotel & Jessica Alba

There it was: the last week of my LA adventure. The acting classes were over, and the reality that everyone would slowly return to their home country was starting to dawn. But the last week was also the week filled with some the greatest memories and things you absolutely must do when in the City of Angels. Most and foremost: picnicking at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery while watching an old Hollywood movie…

Some of the people from our little guesthouse crew had friends who had told them about these really cool movie showings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where a lot of legendary stars have their final resting place. It was at Sunset Blvd. and we had to be their early because supposedly there were long lines. So we went an hour early, more than enough we thought. Not so much, it turned out. The line was so long people had just started picnicking in the line itself. Which we did as well until the curly gates finally opened. As I walked in, at first I only saw a lot of headstones and I had a hard time imagining where to sit and watch a movie with so many people. Would we sit on the headstones or something? But then all of a sudden there was this huge empty field of grass. Or so I hope, I don’t really want to get into the thought of how much old skeletons might be buried under that nice green field. Anyway,  it was really beautiful. At the left side you could see the sparkling city lights, then the big screen with in the back tall palm trees and at the right side there were mountains. It was the picture of what LA was.

As soon as we found a nice spot we marked our territory with our cloth and started eating and primarily, drinking. And then I had my first taste of fame. You see, over the years lots of independent sources have said I look like Kirsten Dunst. I wasn’t too convinced myself at the beginning but when even people in Panama called me Spiderman girl I thought there must be something to it. And while we were setting up our picnic paradise this guy suddenly came up to me. “Hey, me and me friends were just wondering if you are Kirsten Dunst.” I remember that I didn’t respond to it at all and just started laughing really loud. It may have had something to do with the combination of alcohol and lot of sunshine.

By the time the movie started we were already having a great time. The movie was Rear Window from Hitchcock. I had already seen the remake so the plot didn’t hold too much surprises for me. And I also have some trouble with the overacting in old Hollywood films. But it didn’t matter, because we were more concerned with each other and the box of strawberries that someone brought anyway. After the movie we had to stand in line again, this time for the public toilets. The horror. Which is funny in hindsight, because the following day I would see the most ridiculously luxurious toilets ever…

The morning after everyone was feeling the after effects of the night before and I was in a blissful sleep until the Moroccan Princess (who?) woke me, looking fresh as ever. If I wanted to come for breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel with her and Mr. Blue Sky Days (who?!). The three of us had agreed to go and do that before we all left, but I was really loving my pillow at that moment and decided to pass. Until I decided not to pass a minute later. And I’m so glad I went!

Walking in the Beverly Hills Hotel was like a taking a trip back in time to old Hollywood. I felt so special being there, it was such a quiet and peaceful place and everything smelled like lavender. And the fact that the floral decorations there probably cost as much a my monthly salary was also quite impressive. But the bathroom in the lobby topped everything. My oh my! This bathroom was about three times as big as my apartment and had chairs and towels and a marble floor and everything. And it was just the toilet…

After making sure we had photographic evidence of our being there we headed to the poolside for breakfast. According to the Moroccan princess people were staring at me because they thought I was Kirsten Dunst again, but I didn’t notice. We finished our breakfast (which I have to admit was okay, but not fantastic) in the lovely morning sun and walked out through the hotel garden. A pretty, young lady with a carriage and her husband walked by when Mr. Blue Sky Days spotted a humming bird. While he got out his camera to snap the bird we suddenly realized: holy shit, that pretty lady with the carriage is Jessica Alba! When we got out of the hotel it became clear poor Mr. Blue Sky days who totally has the hots for Miss. Alba hadn’t noticed her because of the humming bird. As you can imagine, to this day we torment him with that little fact 😉

After some maybe-it-wasn’t-her’s and you’ll-probably-see-her-agains Mr. Blue Sky Days was ready to drive again. And drive he did. While listening to Coldplay’s Viva la Vida & Death and all his Friends which had just been released at the time we drove through the famous Los Angeles Hills for the first time. We saw Mulholland Drive, the Valley, Downtown..And we really wanted to take photos of everything but it had gotten so hot that after a couple of stops we decided to stay in the airconditioned car and watch the views with Life in Technicolor playing in the background, making it all just a bit more magical…

And then I didn’t manage to stay under the 1000 words mark again! Hope you enjoyed the stories and if you would like to receive e-mail updates every time I post something new here, enter your e-mail address in the upper right corner thingy and click the I want to follow button!




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5 responses to “Tales of Tinseltown: Old movies at the Hollywood Cemetery, the Beverly Hills Hotel & Jessica Alba

  1. Bjarne


    Even though I’ve heard pretty much all of this already, still nice to read it schwestah. Loving the Kirsten Dunst part, you should’ve said yes, maybe they would have asked you for your autograph then 😉

  2. Ana

    That’s so interesting & inspiring! Wish I could been trough an adventure like that. 🙂

      • Ana

        I’ll turn 15 in march and I like mathematics and studying more. o_O (look at me, i’m white and nerdy) lol. It’s that. I love drama and acting, but it’s just a fulltime hobby. Anyway, I think it’s interesting to take a look at what other people did in the showbiz because showbiz = fun, hard and what would the world be without showbiz?
        anyway, sorry for my long message. xd
        I hope I’ll see you soon on tv or on stage.

  3. So sweet! Nerds rock and personally I think mathematics are quite interesting. But you can have adventures with anything, doesn’t have to be with acting!

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