Tales of Tinseltown: Highlights of a Los Angeles Acting Adventure

All good things come to an end. Even my eye opening, magical adventure in Los Angeles. It was really hard imagining that I wouldn’t see all these friends I made for years. That I would be in the ever flat and rainy Holland within two days again. That my daily Dutch life, which had seemed so far away during my LA trip, would become normal again. That another year of studying psychology instead of acting was waiting for me…It made me realize one thing all the more. In one successful European actor’s words: I’ll be back.

And I was back, the following year in 2009! But before I start typing another couple of thousand words about that: let’s wrap this first trip up with some photos I couldn’t seem to place in any of the other posts.

Silly, that I managed to not mention things in those many, many words! For no particular reason Santa Monica Beach, the famous Pinz bowling alley (where Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake amongst others go bowling), sneaking into the Roosevelt Hotel pool and some other stuff didn’t find their way to my little blog. Or their photos haven’t. So here’s some Los Angeles leftovers for you!

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2 responses to “Tales of Tinseltown: Highlights of a Los Angeles Acting Adventure

  1. Bjarne

    Like like schwester. Love how you made the pics into pola’s! And nice one, quoting the Governator!

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