The Three Steps of my Moving-to-LA Plan!

So with Christmas, Dutch Christmas-like holiday Sinterklaas, a NYE dinner for about 20 people (which I and some friends have to cook) and 2010 taxes, the LA planning and blogging has been getting a bit snowed under. Literally too. The snow here is…bothersome. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. It looks magical and glittery in the moonlight and everything looks serene covered in snow and making snowmen is just awesome BUT: in Amsterdam bicycles are the primary way of getting around. And riding your bicycle on icy, slippery ground is just scary. I will probably live 5 minutes less because of the stress I endured on my bicycle rides…

Some of my X-Mas shots, taken in famous Dutch warehouse “De Bijenkorf.”

Anyhoodle, back to the big move to Los Angeles. I’ve gotten lots of questions about how I’m gonna do it all. How am I gonna arrange a visa? How do I have the money (are my parents rich? No. My grandparents? No. My boyfriend? Not yet ;P). To be quite honest, I don’t have everything figured out 100% yet, but I’ve done my research and have some well formed ideas. So here is my plan of action…

Step 1: Getting Money
This I do primarily by being extra observant for cash that’s been dropped on the street…I also have a full time job and get a monthly salary of which more than half goes to the I-want-to-be-an-actress-fund. I must note that I really like my job, which was quite unexpected. You see, this is my first full-time job ever and in the beginning I found the concept of working full-time quite daunting. But like the Chinese say: “Pick a job you like and you never work a day in your life.” Which is also the reason I want to write down actress in the occupation lines…

Step 2: Getting a Visa
Now this is one of the hardest things to get done and the point where all my previous plans got stuck. On a tourist visa you can only stay 3 months and a visitor visa is nearly impossible to get. There are really just 3 options:

  1. Marry an American. As funny as it sounds I found out that lots of people actually do this when I was in Lala land. It can even be quite lucrative for the to-be-married Americans. But since I still have integrity getting in my way I don’t see this happening soon.
  2. Invest a butt load of money in an American company. Well, if I could do this I wouldn’t have to work full-time for almost a year just to pay for my LA stay. I could always rob a bank of course.
  3. Win the Greencard Lottery. Every year the US government has the Diversity Visa Lottery, which randomly gives out 50 000 work visa’s a.k.a. Greencards to people that applied. It’s silly that a lottery is the most viable option, but that’s the way it is. I did throw a lot of sixes in a dice game recently so I will definitely try this next year.

So how am I getting a visa for at least half a year? By studying in the US of A (hopefully!) Not a university, because those things cost about $20 000 a year…at least. Not to mention they’re quite hard to get into and will take up time I’d rather spend on acting. No, I’m going to study at a community college. They are relatively cheap and according to my friend The To (who?) who came up with this idea everyone with a heart beat can get in. Plus, the work load is only 12 hours a week and it shouldn’t be too hard, considering it’s way below university level. So, instead of blogging I should be applying for a community college right now!

Step 3: Getting Prepared
Okay, so I’m skipping the whole arranging health insurance, storing my Amsterdam furniture, buying a ticket yadda yadda stuff but who cares about those things, right? Getting prepared is more important. When I finally get to Los Angeles I don’t want to waste a minute of my time. So I will try to set up a meeting with the agent I met on my earlier trips and find the right acting course etc. all in advance. I will soon begin spamming her again so she will slowly start remembering me.  I hope to get a meeting with her within the first weeks after my arrival. Part of preparing unfortunately also means getting in shape. I’m not fat by any means, but I’m also far from sporty, superfit and supertight. I do have this plan of starting with sit ups every nights though. But it’s kind of been nothing more than a plan for some weeks now…

And that brings us to the moral of this week, people! Plans don’t get you anywhere if they don’t get carried out. This is a lesson I have to learn especially, because I’m just not the very disciplined type. But neither am I the planning type and look what I just put together: a plan! 😀  So, to keep track of how I’m doing on this front I will update my blog every time I take care of something from the plan!

I’m really interested in all your stories too, so if you have anything related to share, please do so! And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Hope you enjoyed reading! If you would like receive an e-mail every time this blog is updated you can fill in your e-mail in the upper right corner and click I want to follow!



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10 responses to “The Three Steps of my Moving-to-LA Plan!

  1. Bjarne

    I’m super impressed Eigil bruder, cause I’ve known you for 18 years now and you indeed are not the organized kinda person. But this sounds like a pretty solid plan!

    PS; The To’s quote is still so funny

  2. Thanks for sharing your acting trials and tribulations! As a fellow aspiring actress and American:-) I find your blog really helpful and inspiring! I hope we can work together someday (maybe play twisted “iago type”

    • Thanks for sharing your kind comments! Where in the Us do you live? What have you done so far acting wise? Hope you keep enjoying my blog and if you have any tips or experiences to share, let me know!

      PS I saw your blog and wanted to say that I love Paolo Roversi too 😀

  3. Tom

    I work as an actor here and have for decades get representation and a reel now. prepare for years of rejection, bad temptation, struggling and poverty. resolve to pay that price as I did and go for it. it all happens there where times my spirit broke but I burned anyway back. no plan b. that is who you are competing with for the smallest job

  4. Tom

    ps there are a million in this town just like me

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Trust me, I’m aware of the competition. A friend of mine just got a role in Glee – he had to say three words or something- and had compete with hundreds of people. It’s a crazy town. And not being American makes for even more challenge. Where are you from?

  5. Tom Konkle

    East coast of US. I wish you the best of luck.

    knowing the odds and difficulty will make coping with everything easier ironically.

  6. maxine


    Ook al hebben we elkaar uiteindelijk niet kunnen ontmoeten in LA, I still feel a connection en volg je blog! Het klinkt alsof je hard aan de weg timmert! Vooral in NL! Kom snel terug zodat we kunnen chillen.
    Ik werk nu zelf bij ICM voor de agent Toni Howard. 1 woord : INTENS hahahah. hoop dat alles verder goed gaat! X kuss


  7. Maravilhoso o seu sit. Acessei por causa da mensagem que me deixaste no twitter. Vi que como eu você fala sobre sua vida em várias etapas, e relacionado tambem com a sua profissão. Me identifiquei e gostei muito. Um abraço! A gente se encontra pela net; e, quem sabe, um dia, pelos set’s.

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