Have a Gleeful Christmas!

In between playing in the snow, Christmas shopping, working, slipping on the ice-covered streets in Amsterdam and preparing for my coming trip to Los Angeles I probably won’t have time to start writing about the third time I went to Tinseltown. But I still want to wish you all a…

While this self-made Christmas card might make you think otherwise I am actually not one of the Glee obsessed folks. Honestly! I only have four tracks of the show on my iPod and I think the story lines are too moralistic. But I do want to burst out in happy song and dance after every episode, so I enjoy that part. And since most of my actor friends enjoy the show I thought you aspiring actors would like it!

And here is some other exciting Glee- related news: a friend of mine recently had a guest part in Glee and he has some quite interesting things to say about the auditioning process. So look out for a unique behind-the-scenes-of-Glee slash LA-is-a-crazy-town post! Hope you all have wonderful holidays!


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