Auditions Anonymous

If there’s one thing you can’t skip on your way to becoming an actress it’s auditions. On one hand you have the glamourous movies with beautiful sets and costumes, and on the other there’s the small, Spartan casting room with the handheld camera on a tripod and four people behind a table next to it. One one hand there’s the hired actress in hair and make-up, acting with a co-star in well thought out lighting, and on the other there’s the auditioning actress, introducing herself on-camera while

holding a piece of paper with her name and number on it in TL light.

Auditions are, to say the least, humbling. And sometimes just plain silly, like the audition I had today…

Because today I had an audition for a commercial. Commercials are so lucrative, it’s crazy. I don’t think there’s any other job where you can make you that amount of money in one day. It’s because of this thing called a buy-out. If you do a commercial for Burger King for example, they obviously don’t want you to appear in a commercial for MacDonalds too. So they have to buy you out for a certain amount of time. Buy your exclusivity. And that’s where the big bucks come in. The easier my life would become if I got this commercial… I could go to LA straight away! Commercial auditions are also completely about your looks. Show your profile, show your hands, show how you would eat a bit of cheese in a charming way, show how you would wink…

So off I went today, to Holland’s biggest casting agency right before heading to work. There were no lines for the parts that you could audition for, everything was going to be voice over. The script did mention some actions though, actions involving boxing gloves: taking poses with boxing gloves, typing with boxing gloves, picking up stuff with boxing gloves. And it all was supposed to go surprisingly smoothly. When I came into the casting agency they were still setting up, it was early morning after all. I was put in the waiting room and soon another girl joined me there. It’s always interesting, the time in the waiting room. You can divide the people in there in roughly two camps: those that want to talk and share and those that see everyone as competition and want you to shut up. I am in Camp One. I mean, for me it feels like we’re all in the same boat and we should support each other where we can. Plus: you might be able to exchange some tips and experiences. Luckily the girl that came into the waiting room was also in Camp One. We chatted for a while and I found out that the auditions for this commercial were actually held at more casting agencies at the same time, meaning there would be hundreds of girls auditioning for a role that doesn’t have more than one minute screen time… While pondering that, the casting agent came in: my turn to (hopefully) shine!

So what did I have to do for this thousands-of-dollars-paying-role? Put on boxing gloves and pick up a deodorant bottle with them. Oh, and do some boxing moves into the camera. It was all rather silly, the casting director also seemed a bit lost as to what he had to make me do. After doing my best to look somewhat powerful with my boxing gloves it was done, and when I came back in the waiting room there were all of a sudden 20 girls there. I told Camp One girl a little about the silliness and went off to continue my day. As I type this I’m suddenly unsure if the casting director was present when I rambled about the audition in the waiting room..I hope not!

Seeing as I’m still working full-time to collect money for the LA fund, blogging about my efforts to keep the spirits up, it goes without saying that I haven’t booked a commercial before. So let’s hope I get this one! It’s a small chance but how amazing would that be? I could go to LA right away and write about my adventures there on this very webpage! Plus it would look great on my CV, and the idea behind the commercial is quite fun. Fingers crossed! If not, I have another chance tomorrow when I’ll be auditioning for an MTV commercial. It’s nowhere near as lucrative, but still a nice addition to my CV.

So I hereby launch Auditions Anonymous. What is your weirdest audition experience? What is your greatest? What is your worst? Let’s share the pain & joy, tell me about your audition trials and tribulations! And if you like this blog, don’t forget to subscribe for free by filling in your e-mail address and clicking on I want to follow in the upper right corner! Thanks!



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10 responses to “Auditions Anonymous

  1. Nadi

    Spannend meid! Ik duim voor je!
    Heb overigens weer genoten van je verhaal 🙂

  2. Janice

    Super gaaf!
    Uiteraard zal ook ik voor je duimen. Hoe sneller in LA hoe beter ^^
    Hoe kwam je trouwens bij die auditie? Via een site?

  3. Danique

    Hello 🙂
    Je volgt me op twitter en ik zag je tweet voorbij komen over Razend. Ik ben wel door maar heb toch even op je blog geklikt. Ik ga zeker meer van je ervaringen lezen, ontzettend leuk!

    • Hi Danique! Gefeliciteerd, hou ons op de hoogte! En superleuk dat je de blog leuk vindt en meer wilt lezen! Aan de rechterkant vind je de meest populaire verhalen, als je ergens wilt beginnen 🙂

  4. Achraf

    Hee 😀
    Ik had een paar vragen. Hoe heb je eigenlijk contact opgenomen met het casting bureau? Ben je daar gewoon binnen gelopen? Heb je eerst gebeld of je (online) aangemeld voor een commercial? Heb je uiteindelijk ook werkelijk wat verdiend aan deze commercial?

    En nog een vraag, die misschien niet zo goed past bij dit bericht, maar hoe komt het dat jou engels zo extreem goed is? Ben echt onder de indruk!:O

    Gr. Achraf

    • Hi Achraf! Ik heb me online aangemeld en toen een cursus gedaan bij ze, en daarna kwamen de audities op gang. Maar als je niet door bent, verdien je er niks aan helaas!

      Mijn Engels komt door te film Engelse films te hebben gekeken als minimens ;P

  5. Emilie

    Hey again! So how do you find the commercial auditions?:)

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