And the Oscar goes tooo..

There’s the Nobel Prize for Scientists, the Pulitzer prize for writers, the Grammy for recording artists and the Academy Awards, a.k.a. the Oscars, for actors. So how can I not write about this Sunday’s 83rd Academy Awards Ceremony?!  While the nominees are training off their last pounds, their stylists stalking the Oscar organization to check if no one else is wearing that yellow dress I’m happily enjoying this event from my little room in Amsterdam.

Not that I wouldn’t prefer to be picking a stunning dress from about 50 that a stylist rolled in, preparing to go to the ceremony as nominee. I’d even happily take the ridiculous nervousness that they must feel. Winning an Oscar is every actor’s dream, isn’t it? But even for closeted, starting or unsuccessful actors this event is worth watching. Because amidst all the hysteria and crocodile tears there are almost always heartfelt small-town-person-with-big-dreams and I-struggled-and-slept-in-cars speeches. And those remind us that the nominees too, were once like us and that we too, can make it.

So here are my Oscar favorites and predictions…

Best Picture
The Social Network         The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right   True Grit
The King’s Speech           Inception
Black Swan                         127 Hours
Toy Story 3                        Winter’s Bone

My favorites here are The Social Network and The Kids Are All Right, because I think they are the only films in this list with some relevant message. The Social Network is a great depiction of our generation and the digital age, and The Kids Are All Right has some very touching observations about life and love and marriage. Yes, Inception had an original story and stunning visuals, but I think it was also kind of an easy movie. I mean, the whole four layers of dreams thing seemed kind of forced to me. Like they just mindfuck you for the purpose of mindfucking you.

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine
Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole
Natalie Portman – Black Swan
Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right
Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone

My absolute favorite here is Anette Bening, she’s become my favorite actress since The Kids Are All Right. There is one part in the movie (no worries I won’t spoil you) where they’re all at dinner and she has a reaction to something that is so subtle and so real. It broke my heart. The fact that she’s capable of that and also the realistic overacting in American Beauty makes her my idol. Natalie Portman also deserves the Oscar though, she made her character so fragile that the movie became even more tense. And she pretty much goes through all emotions known to man. But she’ll probably win that golden dude, so I have to stick up for Annette. I shouldn’t forget newcomer Jennifer Lawrence, she was good too and I look forward to seeing her in other stuff.

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Colin Firth – The King’s Speech
Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network
James Franco – 127 Hours
Jeff Bridges – True Grit
Javier Bardem – Biutiful

I haven’t seen The King’s Speech and Biutiful yet, so my opinion here isn’t too well informed. But I loved Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network. His character was such a little ass, but in such an intelligent way. His performance was just so interesting. James Franco was also very strong, I mean, about 90% of his scenes were monologues and they were all in the same cave. I thought he did an amazing job, especially this little scene where he loses it and pretends he’s being interviewed by a radio station was impressive. But Colin Firth will probably win, because the academy just loves characters with disabilities. Oh, and why is Jeff Bridges in this list? He’s a brilliant actor but his performance in True Grit wasn’t anything special. They should have nominated Mark Wahlberg.

So, who are your favorites? Who do you think is gonna win? And if you disagree with my comments, feel free to say so! I love to hear different points of view!


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