On TV in May and in August in LA: Me! (Hopefully!)

Birds, underdressed girls, occasional sunshine and an increasing amount of people jogging their winter layers off in the park, it can only mean one thing: summer is getting closer and closer and with that my move to LA! Visions of goodbyes at the airport, meeting up with my LA agency contact and relying on LA’s horrible public transportation system to get around are coming up more and more. Each day I’m

preparing myself a little bit to take distance from my possessions and lovely life in Amsterdam: the barbecuing in the park, my precious guitar, the weekly dinner with friends, my sweet little room in Amsterdam, my family, my BF…

Even though it is my choice to go away and follow my dream, I still wish I could take everyone and everything with me. Put them in my suitcase and never let them go…

So how far am I with the planning of the whole LA move since my last post about it? Quite embarrassingly, not too far. Here are some things I still need to take care of (in no particular order):

  1. Enroll at an LA community college (for visa purposes)
  2. Arrange student visa
  3. Get in touch with LA agent contact
  4. Make a showreel
  5. Get new headshots
  6. Book a one-way ticket

Everything kind of depends on step 1. If I get rejected for the community college, I can’t get a visa for more than 3 months, so it’s hugely important that I can enroll in one. Now my LA friend The To (who?) says anyone with a heartbeat can get in, so I’m not too worried, but it’s still a bit scary. During the next weeks progress on this should go fast though. This week, as soon as I have finished an important audition, I will prepare my application for the community college. I still need to write an essay for it and receive official transcripts of my diploma’s, but that should all be done by the end of this week. Then I’ll put everything in an envelope, ritually bless that envelope, and send it out to the US of A. And then it’s waiting time. Like an audition all over again.

Everything else can only be arranged once I know that I can enroll at the college, which I should know within four weeks after my application has been received. When I get a positive reply, I can start making trips to the American embassy to arrange my visa, I can start spamming the agent I met during previous LA trips for a meeting and I can finally book a one-way ticket to Tinseltown!

Luckily the progress on my showreel is much more steady. Last week I received the press release of the new TV show that I’m guest starring in. My TV debut will be somewhere in May or the first weeks of June! Perfect timing, because it allows me to incorporate scenes of the episode in my showreel before I’m off to LaLaLand! Now, there is of course no way I can know if I have a decent amount of screen time, or if they chose good takes, or if I’m awful or that I haven’t been cut out, but I’m trying to stay positive. I’m nervous enough for appearing on national TV for the first time already! And even if I’m only on the telly for 5 seconds, it will still feel like I got a little bit closer to my dream. Small, underweight baby steps…The next weeks will be exciting!

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7 responses to “On TV in May and in August in LA: Me! (Hopefully!)

  1. Nadi

    Oh ja.. Je headshots! We’ve got to get you some of those 😉 Ik ga gelijk een datum zoeken! Liefs PS: TV-SHOW??? LeukLeukLeuk!

  2. Michelle

    I love your site, it’s so inspiring and really motivating me to travel to LA!
    Thankyou so much for the tips, it’s really helpful and I can’t wait to get over there! (I’m from Australia by the way)
    I was wondering how you’re getting around the issue of a Visa? What do you recommend I do if I want to either travel over for a few weeks/months to get an idea of the place and then eventually move over their permanently?
    You mentioned getting a student visa, will that help with work?

    Thankyou so much for any help, I love your site!!

    • Hi Michelle! So glad the blog inspires you!

      The visa thing is the biggest problem, and no, a student visa won’t allow you to work in the US (aside from on the college campus). For you Australians it’s a bit easier I heard though. An Australian actress that I know told me you guys have a special agreement with the US, so try and find out more about that.

      But still, I think once you’re in LA and find an agent, the visa process might become easier because the agent can help etc. This is how I’m planning to get a work visa eventually. It’s a long shot, but so is becoming a working actress in LA so… 😉

      Hope you keep enjoying the blog and keep posting your feedback and questions!

      • Michelle

        Ah ok, yeah I read somewhere that Australians have a specific visa, but I believe that you have to have a certain level of education (a bachelors i think?) so i’m not sure if that will work, but I’ll look into it, thankyou!

        Oh, I didn’t know you could do it that way, with your agent, that’s great!!!
        So are you allowed to audition without a work visa?

        And good luck to you when you get back to LA! You seem very determined and committed, and I’m sure that you’ll do very well!

  3. Chris

    Ik ben net begonnen met het volgen van je blog. Je schrijft erg inspirerend 🙂
    Zelf woon ik ook in Nederland (dus weet ik alles van het ‘doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg’) en is het mijn droom (musical)actrice te worden.
    Ik ben nu bijna 16, maar weet al heel lang wat ik graag wil doen later. Het is gewoon zo jammer dat er zo’n kleine slagingskans is, maar niet geschoten is altijd mis. 🙂 Dankjewel voor de motiverende berichten, en heel veel succes!

  4. arieevers

    Een vraagje weet je een goeie castingbureau voor kinderen van 14 jaar ik wil graag ook acteren. Heb ik februari ook een opnamen voor en film en volgende week ook maar heb je ook wat goeie tips voor me?

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