And then, suddenly, I saw myself on TV!

So, the last weeks have been quiet on this blog. Why? Well, unfortunately there just wasn’t much to talk about besides a bunch of rejections. For example I could have been this girl on the left or one of these girls (remember my audition with boxing gloves?) and have become effortlessly rich…Also, I was super stressed about arranging the mountain of work required

for my move to LA, and generally just was a moody knobhead. And I like to keep this blog a positive one…

Which brings us to last night! Remember the story I wrote about my first time on set for a my first TV role? It was a little bit of a frustrating experience at the time as it was very cold and wet and as a newbie I just felt uncomfortable being on set. I also didn’t quite know how to behave like a professional.

Luckily for me I got a chance to redeem myself when there was an extra shooting day months later in the superior court of Amsterdam! I got to be in actual holding cells and courts where the biggest criminals have sat and I got to see my nice co-star again who kind of had gotten her break-out job in the time in between. So I was just very happy to be able to end the experience on a positive note. Yesterday the first episode aired, which I wasn’t in, but look what happened…


I just thought I’d go watch the first episode so I could see what kind of quality and format the show had, and also because the subject matter seemed interesting (women who have killed? Sign me up!) But all of a sudden, there I was in the opening credits! And again! And again! I think I squealed  and jumped up and down like a two year old for a whole minute. I just really felt like I had finally made a small step in my bigbig dream. It also kind of took out the fear I had about having been cut from the show, and even though I’m still insanely nervous about it I’m so looking forward to seeing my episode on the 31st 23rd of May now. Everyone go watch Moordvrouwen!

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9 responses to “And then, suddenly, I saw myself on TV!

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear more about your move! All of my deepest luck to you 🙂

  2. Absolutely LOVE your blog, and congratulations on your small step towards your big dream!
    I know your not in the first episode, But is it on Uitzending Gemist ?


  3. Chris

    Congratulations! Als ik ergens tijd vind, ga ik het kijken 🙂 Moordvrouwen klinkt interessant 🙂

  4. Zarina

    Gefeliciteerd! Echt onwijs gaaf! Op naar de volgende opdracht! Via welke castingbureau is dit gegaan?

  5. Michelle

    Wow that’s amazing, congratulations!!!

  6. Chris

    Net de eerste aflevering van Moordvrouwen gekeken. Erg indringende serie. Ik ben benieuwd naar de aflevering van de 31ste, het klinkt alsof er om dit te acteren wat grenzen overschreden moeten worden. Benieuwd naar je rol. 🙂

    • Leuk dat je gekeken hebt! Ik vond de actrice in de eerste aflevering vrij goed.
      Oh, en het is de 23e geworden, dat mijn aflevering komt. Het verandert per week. Ik zal het wel Twitteren als ik het zeker weet:)

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