Yard Sale a.k.a. Help the LA Fund!

It’s now June, and my move to Los Angeles is getting more and more real every day. My days in my Amsterdam apartment are counted, and tons of stuff needs to be arranged: storage for my furniture, canceling my internet and phone contracts, health insurance stuff, visa procedures… In three weeks I’ll have to leave my precious city and will be living with my parents again. It’s a strange thing. At the moment it feels like I’m taking a step backwards

instead of forwards, but maybe that’s just because I don’t really have anything settled yet. I don’t have a confirmation of acceptance from the college I want to enroll in yet, I haven’t booked a one-way ticket yet… I really only have a plan, and lots of hopes and dreams.

But, while waiting for the college reply, I haven’t been sitting still. I may not be able to start any definitive moving work yet, but I’ve been doing some cleaning to prepare for moving out. And when I say cleaning, I mean deep, intense, time consuming cleaning. Gave-me-aching-muscles-for-days cleaning, throwing-out-junk-I-love-but-really-don’t-need cleaning. Not even my wardrobe was spared, because unfortunately I can’t possibly take all my clothes with me to LA. A selection had to be made, and therefore I bring you this…

In a week I’ll be trading and giving away my clothes to friends and goodwill, but I thought: why not try to aid my LA funds a bit before by having a little LA style yard sale? Most stuff is from Mango, Zara and H&M but there is also some vintage stuff from London and Los Angeles. So, check behind the cut for everything and leave a comment if you want something! Get new clothes while helping someone achieve her dreams at the same time ;P



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5 responses to “Yard Sale a.k.a. Help the LA Fund!

  1. Lisa

    Wow, I reaaaally like the first white dress ❤
    And good luck in LA!

  2. Lisa

    Ok, well, what size do you have?
    I don’t know if i really want him or just like, haha.

  3. Lisa

    What do you want for the dress? And is that size 36 or 38?

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