New Weekly Column: About An Actor

CareyMulliganphotoshootAs a starting actress I look at news about famous actors in a different way. I wonder: How did they get their start? Did they work their ass off or were they just lucky?  Even though every actor has a different story and there is no formula for succes, there’s always something to take away from the biographies of working actors.

And because I suspect I’m not the only one who thinks that, I present to you the new “About an Actor” column  in which I will post a little background info and some of my observations about an actress/actor every Monday. If you share yours we can maybe build an understanding about what makes different actors special!

Up this week: Miss Carey Mulligan…

Who? Carey Mulligan

Type: Shy girl

First Role: Pride & Prejudice

Breakthrough: An Education

Lucky Bitch or Ass-Off-Worker: Although Carey’s very first film role was as Kitty Bennett in the Oscar-nominated Pride & Prejudice, she had been trying to act for a while before that, and had even been rejected by several acting schools. But still, her first feature role was in the internationally acclaimed An Education and got her an Oscar nomination. She didn’t ever have to do no-budget or B-movies, and had a Hollywood career right away. So pretty lucky I suppose. But it’s okay because she has…

Talent: I think Carey is amazingly talented. She’s very natural in her acting and her eyes speak volumes, which is quite unique for actresses with subtle features. Apparently she’s also an acting machine and can cry exact amounts of tears in a predestined eye, according to friend and co-star Keira Knightley. I don’t know whether that classifies as talent, but she certainly emotes convincingly.

Something else to like about Carey is that she doesn’t seem to be as interested in fame as other It-girls. She has yet to be snapped panty-less and generally comes across as a level headed cutie.

One thing I haven’t seen from Carey yet though is versatility, but I have only seen 3 movies with her. I’m very interested to see how she tackles characters that are further removed from what she’s been playing so far. Like an overweight African American with Gilles de la Tourette. I kid!

Carey on Acting: “I urge all actors, young and old, beginner and even the very experienced, to keep on working on their acting craft. For me to tell the inexperienced how badly they need serious skills, and very reliable skills, is not nearly as descriptive as it should be. Because whatever your skills are, no matter how great, as a supporting actor you will only get a fraction of that on that film. You better hope that you know how to leave your best piece there. Because film lasts forever.”

Fun Fact: Wrote a letter to Shakespearean actor and director Kenneth Branagh to ask for acting advice. She got a letter back from his sister, which she still owns.

Up next: The lead in the highly anticipated The Great Gatsby

Favorite scene: The last scene in Never Let me Go. Fantastic monologue, perhaps as much because of the writing as because of Carey’s delivery.

So, what do you think about this column? Shall I keep it going or not? And how do you feel about Carey Mulligan? Any favorite scenes? Anything that I’ve missed? Last but not least: which actor would you like to see next Monday?

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8 responses to “New Weekly Column: About An Actor

  1. Nice column. I’ve spend hours myself searching on the web for how actors got started. The ones from the netherlands, from the uk and the states.

    I love Carey Mulligan, I thought she was great in an Education and in Never let me go. And also because of her attitude and the fact that she just seems very nice and down to earth.

    • Me too, and often I’m like: I don’t get it, why do people find her/him talented? And besides that it’s a matter of taste, it’s also because I’m just starting out. I don’t know everything about acting.

      So I think we can learn a great deal from discussing other actor’s acting with each other, and I hope we can here!

  2. Achraf

    Great column about this actress, never heard of carey mulligan, but reading this column makes me want to see her movies!:D

  3. I have to admit that I never heard of Carey Mulligan either. Then again, Pride and Prejudice is not really my kind of movie 😉

    I like the blog though. It’s a nice break from working at the office and I might learn a thing or two reading it.

  4. Interesting story. I’ve been an actor for many years and been on many shows but I am always learning so I agree with Carey on that. Amazing success story too. How she pulled that off, we’ll never know. For the rest of us, it’s hard work and perseverance and learning who to listen to and who not to.

  5. soleil

    It’s great! thank you! i was googling to find smth about the actors:)

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