About An Actor: Emma Stone

EmmaStonephotoshootWho? Emma Stone

Type: Goofy girl

First Noticeable Role: Superbad

Breakthrough: Easy A

Lucky Bitch or Ass-Off-Worker: Definitely a girl who took a lot of initiative on her own, but was lucky in the fact that she was supported by her parents.

Emma joined a local theater group at the young age of 11 in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, and performed in a dozen of productions with them. She was even home schooled for a while so she could tour around with them. Then, at age 15, the ever-sassy Emma made a Powerpoint presentation for her parents in which she tried to convince them to let her move to Los Angeles, Madonna’s Hollywood playing in the background…

The mission succeeded, although her mom did insist on accompanying teenage Emma to Tinseltown. She was home schooled again, and went from audition to audition during hours other kids were throwing pencils at teachers. Starting with small roles in short-ended TV shows, Emma has kind of  slowly gotten bigger roles in bigger productions. To end up with the leading role in Easy A.

Talent: Well, she has comedic talent, that’s for sure. She was able to turn a kind of simple teenage comedy into a better film just by giving her character some smarts and a lot of realness, and deserved the Golden Globe nomination she got for it. But then I have to say Easy A is the only film I’ve seen with her, and the movies she did before were all comedies as well. Still, comedic talent is underrated.

Judging by trailers of upcoming films with Emma though, we’ll soon discover her drama chops as well.

Emma on Acting: “Ever since I can remember, acting is what has made me feel free, entirely, it really makes me emotional, but it’s really where I’m happy hands down. Between ‘action’ and ‘cut’ is where I feel like me completely. That’s where my energy comes from. That’s my greatest high, I think, especially getting to do that, especially getting to do comedy, especially getting to do improv.”

Fun Fact: When casting for the role of Claire in the TV Show Heroes she overheard casting directors telling Hayden Panettiere, who got the part, that from 1 to 10 she was an 11. Emma said she went home after and had a meltdown.

Okay, maybe that’s not a “fun” fact, but it’s interesting because: what ever happened to Hayden Panettiere’s career?

Up next: The love interest of Spiderman in The Amazing Spider-Man, Crazy Stupid Love and an Southern, independent thinking writer in the ’60 in The Help.

Favorite scene: The by now I guess famous scene where she sings along with a wish card that makes music. For some reason it lingered in my memory and it did for lots of other people too, judging by the YouTube hits! It seems so simple, but you gotta have guts to be as free as she is on camera, and to make a fool out of yourself!

What do you think of Emma Stone? And which actors are your inspiration?
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3 responses to “About An Actor: Emma Stone

  1. Hey, ik ben het x_stardust van twitter, je hebt echt een supergaaf blog! Ik kan het niet geloven, je kunt acteren, tekenen én zingen! Ik zou willen dat ik die combinatie ook kon zodat ik ook naar L.A. kon =)
    Ga zo door!! xx

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