First Days in Los Angeles: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

sixthandmain I am in LA! Yes, it has actually happened! After my first flight was cancelled, leaving me absolutely mortified, I have set foot in Tinseltown. And the last couple of days I’ve been constantly thinking: I need to blog, I need to update! But I’ve been so absolutely swamped with arranging things (okay, and also a very cool trip) that I literally haven’t found the time until now.

The last few days have been marked by ups and downs. They say that the first stage of culture shock is a Honeymoon period where everything is new and amazing, but I guess since I have been here three times already I skipped that. I went right to the next stage…
The Bad
Everyone will tell you that to get anywhere in Los Angeles, you need a car. I don’t have one. Yet. That means I have to go everywhere by public transportation which in LA is pretty useless. It usually takes me 3 hours and 3 different busses to get somewhere you can get to with a car in 40min. Having to go all the way to the other side of town to view apartments and arrange college stuff, this gets tiring really soon. It also disables me to do more than one thing a day, since 6 hours are spent on traveling alone.

And traveled, I have. I have spent the last days in buses and walking (in heels!) from about 7am to 9pm, consistently lost. I know it’s all part of getting started, but it’s hard nonetheless. I’m doing everything on my own, and it gives me way too much time to think about how I miss everyone and my dear city Amsterdam. I’m so used to knowing where everything is, where to do my groceries, and what isles to go to. I never thought I’d miss the Appie… I feel like such an idiot here. Struggling with what coins to give, what busses to take, strange supermarket products…I just want to fast forward to the acting part!

The Good
Now that I’ve vented all that, on to the positive stuff! The weather here is your classical, lovely, tropical LA weather. Warm and sunny. Also: It looks like I’ll have an apartment by this Saturday, which takes a huge load off my back. The place I’m currently staying at is amazing and I’m so grateful to my friend that I can stay here, but at the same time I feel like such a burden and feel so uncomfortable having this big-ass room with an own bathroom. I know, I’m whining about how good something is. Well, what do you expect? I am an actress, I love the drama 😛

The Crazy
The Crazy is also part of The Good but I needed three words to make the title of this post look like the title that movie. How creative of me! Anyhoodle, last Thursday I literally went straight from the airport to acting class. Okay, we made one little stop to get deodorant but that’s it! I audited this cold-reading class my friend takes, we arrived at 7 and it lasted until midnight. And this was after 18 hours of traveling. Dedication much?

The Crazy part II: I jumped of a 10 meter cliff into a wild river in Potwisha and crashed an all-American, themed wedding shower in suburban Visalia (both Central California). The friend at whose place I’m staying and his brother had this wedding shower from a friend and invited me and another girl to come. And before we went there we made a stop at a wild river in Sequoia National Park.  I was really excited initially until I learned we had to go through this wood area with rattle snakes. I’m just not the Steve Irwin type.

But they say you should do something that scares you every day. So I thought I’d top the snake thing by jumping off a 10 meter cliff into a wild, flowing river! I don’t think I’ve ever been as terrified in my life. I stood at the edge of that cliff for about 30 minutes before I dared jumping. Kind of embarrassing. But I did do it! Here is the photographical evidence and a pic of the wedding shower:

visalia wedding showerCliff jump in Potwisha

So, in concluding words: for everyone that also plans to make the big move, be prepared to take on a lot of stuff at first. Grow a thick skin and make sure you’re the kind of person that can be alone well. There’s really an unfathomable amount of work that comes with it. But in line of  “do something every day that scares you” I say go fot it! Going out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things makes you a much more interesting human being, and with that, a much more interesting actor. All the casting directors in this book I’m reading at the moment (Acting Is Everything by Judy Kerr) are saying it, and so do many acting teachers here!


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11 responses to “First Days in Los Angeles: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

  1. Kirsten

    If you ever get stuck in LA and need rescuing, we have a ton of friends there. Just shout out if you need help.

  2. Moonlight

    Being very curious about your start in sunny California, I couldn’t read your post fast enough. I’m at work and blogs are blocked here, thankgod for iPhones and 3G! 🙂
    Anyway, I always tell myself that sometimes things go bad before they go well, you’re doing great and all by yourself! Before you know it, you’ll be used on American groceryshopping, 🙂 excited to read more about your adventures,
    be sure to wear shades!


  3. You, “alone” in LA? Give me a break… you have a total network of people who are beyond plugged in there! Way more than I had when I moved to LA, and I had a sister already living there! Stop whining already! 😛

    Email me about the apt, that’s good news. Wanna know where on the Westside you’re ending up. Talk soon!

  4. Geert

    Je bent een echte die hard he! Ik bewonder je en ik weet zeker dat je succes zult boeken. You’ve got the right spirit girl!

  5. Many congrats for getting to LA! But . . .
    . . . when do we get to know you name?! 😀
    We can’t watch what you will do without knowing who you are. You’re in Hollywood now! It’s all about the NAME, girl!

    • Haha! I really want this blog to be useful and interesting for other actors, not so much use it for self-promotion. Therefore I will keep my name private for now. But there are plenty of photos of me here, so if I ever do really breakthrough, you might find out! 😀

  6. Anna

    Congrats! i was really warried about your flight and really glad you’ve done it!!! Starting going your own way is hard in the beginning and it’s the way to become who you really are – the unique personality. All my best wishes to you!

  7. Glad to hear you are alright in L.A. and slowly settling down. I feel with ya with the settling down thing. I’m still settling down after 5 months in London, how ridiculous, but it just seems that new things won’t stop coming up – which is very exciting.
    Hat down jumping off that cliff – you go, girl! Lol!

    Have fun and take care! xx

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments guys!

  9. Dennis

    Hee, echt respect voor wat je doet! 🙂
    Hoelang blijf je nu precies in LA? Halfjaar toch?

    Echt heel gaaf, als ik klaar ben met mijn theateropleiding in Nederland lijkt het me ook gaaf om een jaar (of langer) classes te volgen in Amerika.

    Als je werk hebt moet je zeker niet laten om het hier te posten, ben heel erg benieuwd welke mooie castings je allemaal binnensleept (en rollen!)

    Hoe betaal je je huur, ga je ook werken in LA (als nog werkloos actrice?)

    Succes nog met je classes en ik blijf je blog lezen!


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