Interview With a Working Actress

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For some time now I’ve been following this blog of an anonymous lady, who very recently got her big break and is now starring in her own TV show. The beautiful thing is that when she started the blog she was not there yet. She was like us. So we literally get an exclusive look behind the curtains of what happens when you get your break, and it’s a fascinating read.

Right before I moved to LA myself, I thought I’d ask her for an interview. And even though she’s currently setting up a whole PR team, she kindly agreed. So continue reading for some advice from a real working actress in Hollywood!

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?

I always enjoyed acting, and was that kid who did all the plays and musicals, but I never thought I’d jump in professionally. That was stars coming into alignment.

What was your first acting job?
My first professional acting job was a big feature film for Universal. I auditioned for one line, and ended up having two scenes written in. One never made the final cut, but the realization that you never know what will happen once you’re on set hit me that day. That one line can turn into 2 scenes is not only awesome, but probable.

Who is your example or inspiration?
I am inspired by my friends who are actors. We’ve all stuck with it, and it’s finally paying off. Hollywood works in waves, so just as we were sitting by waiting for our turn, we’re now finally getting to ride the wave.

What is the best acting class in Los Angeles?
There are several. I do private coaching, and don’t take class — I haven’t for some time now. But between Ivana Chubbuck, or Margie Haber’s audition technique class (which is such a great approach), there are plenty. What’s important to realize is that being able to act well and being able to audition well are two very different things. You need to know how to nail an audition. That’s half the battle — then you have to worry about the work. But, you need to get the job first.

What is your most bizar LA experience?
There are several, and these are the kinds of moments I share on the blog because I think it helps people understand how bizarre the industry is in general.

How do you deal with rejection?
I’ve gotten much better with it. It’s not personal, and that’s the first thing to remember but that’s often so hard to believe in the moment. Rejection, I find, is hardest when you’re not working and you want the part sooo badly. It can never become your end-all, be-all, but sometimes it feels that way. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve spent many a days, curled up in bed crying with a loaf of bread and some wine. A one woman pity party. It’s awful and ridiculous. And just as part of the lifestyle is taking care of yourself (and not sending yourself into a carb coma), it’s also working on your craft, being prepared, and accepting rejection.

What advice would you give to other actors?
If you want it (really really really want it), you must know that it will not happen overnight, but it can very well happen. Half the battle is sticking with it when everyone else is throwing in the towel. Keep up the hustle!

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4 responses to “Interview With a Working Actress

  1. I hope that one day, we, as your readers, are able to say “We read her blog when she wasn’t THERE yet!”. 🙂

  2. I know, me too! That’s the dream 😀

  3. nbname

    Nice job on the interview! I enjoyed it, and now I’m reading her blog as well – very inspirational stuff. Keep up the good work on this blog girl 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Hi! My name is Yossi and I stumbled upon your blog which I love! I have a blog too about my experiences as a theater major with big dreams of acting in film. Here is a link if you are interested 🙂

    Lets all hope we get to hear, “I remember her from her blog before she made it big” lol!

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