Acting Report: Week 3 in Los Angeles

gabrielle kai typewriter It’s been 24 days since my arrival in the City of Angels. I’ve been riding my new bicycle all around town, sights seeing in Beverly Hills, hanging out at the beach resulting in the world’s ugliest tan and have enjoyed quite a few too-sweet-cocktails and too-fat-dinners in between.* Oh, and I’ve been to a Taylor Swift concert (with surprise performance by Justin Bieber!) for free in total VIP style.

But this is not a traveling journal, this is an acting blog! So let’s get to business shall we? Here’s a progress report on acting in Los Angeles in week t = 3…

A Missed Opportunity
Let’s get the negative out the way first: before I researched managers, I decided to give the one I had already met with twice a call first. I had been so blessed all those years to have had such a good contact, and the prospect of signing with them gave me an confidence boost. However, timing is everything and you have to take every opportunity right as you get it. Especially in LA. And while I had a wonderful opportunity with this management, I simply couldn’t relocate to Los Angeles at the time I met with them. And when I called this week, it turned out that I had missed my chance. The management wasn’t doing development a.k.a. new actors anymore…

It was the biggest bummer ever, I can tell you. My heart sank to my feet, and I felt extremely sorry for myself, especially since it was my birthday. Thinking I had nothing to lose I decided to sent the manager lady an e-mail with a thank you and a I-know-I’m-old-now-sorry-I-didn’t-strike-the-iron-when-it-was-hot. I got a response back right away. It had nothing to do with my age, nor beauty or talent. She was convinced I would do very well, and would take a look at my showreel and give some tips. Which she did. And for some reason that made my day a whole lot better.

After I gave myself a couple of hours to sulk about it I decided to get on with business, since my time here isn’t exactly limitless. So I sent an e-mail to my ex- management in Holland and asked the lovely Miss M that works there if she could send a few referrals for me to L.A. agents. And even though they don’t represent me anymore she was willing to do so, as long as I provided the e-mail adresses. The fact that it was still my birthday might have helped.

An Amazing Coincidence
I sent her about 16 e-mail adresses of agents and managers, kind of randomly, educated-guess-y chosen. One of them belonging to a certain Sharon working at an agency called Abrams. Okay, so remember I said I went to a Taylor Swift concert? As I was driving up there with my non-actress friend we discussed our roommates, and she let it slip that hers is “an agent or something.” Just out of curiosity I asked her if she knew from which agency? Yeah, Abrams. What was her name? Sharon. The Sharon. The Sharon that Miss M had sent an e-mail to referring me.

Considering that L.A. is the second biggest city in the U.S. and I know all of 10 people here I found this connection fantastically cool. I’m still trying to think of how I can utilize this fun fact to my benefit, but should make a move soon, since said non-actress friend is moving out of her apartment in 6 days…

An Acting Class
Most of the acting related stuff isn’t quite as exciting though, and has consisted of me sitting behind my laptop all day, researching agencies, managers, acting classes, head shot photographers…I will soon share these things I’ve learned to you, but let me tell you which acting class I’m going to be doing for the next 8 weeks for now.

After some research -primarily on I found out that The Beverly Hills Playhouse is one of the most highly regarded scene study schools in Los Angeles. So I made an appointment, got on my bike and one hour and lots of sweat later I arrived in Beverly Hills for an intake. They told me that they don’t teach one technique, but rather let actors take whatever works for them, and I really liked that down-to-earth approach. Even though it was explained by this typical, kind of annoying, constant-high-energy LA girl.

The only downside to the BHP is that it’s quite an expensive school. But since they also really help you in getting your career along, I’m just going to give it a try the coming 8 weeks. Will keep you updated!

Next week will be my first week of school and acting classes, so I hope that will all go well. I’m kind of nervous about it! Hope I will still find enough time to continue the hunt for representation, a good headshot photographer and starting auditions! I might have to ease on the dining out, drinking cocktails and other socializing a bit, but that’s alright.

As the mean girls on America’s Next Top Model always say: “I didn’t come here to make friends, I came here to win!”

*But I also jog and do sit-ups and eat healthy breakfasts, honestly!

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9 responses to “Acting Report: Week 3 in Los Angeles

  1. Sunset

    They also say, ‘keep your eyes on the price’, and that is what you do, 🙂

  2. Anna

    by the way, i was always wondering about the techniques which are practiced in the other countries, we are mostly using Stanislavsky system in Ukraine, and which one do you prefer?)

    • In LA you can choose any technique you want! Stanislavsky to Meisner and many in between. It all really depends on your preferences.

      I, myself am not too much into one deep technique, therefore I will start studying with the Beverly Hills Playhouse where they don’t preach one but rather anything that works. Different actors, different techniques.

      • Anna

        It’s just better to know what exists now to develop your own way. i am studying now in the other acting school in Ukraine and they’ve mentioned something totally new. well……we’ll see))))

  3. hey, i really like ur blog’ idea. can you write a post about your expences in LA, if its not really personal information of course.
    i also want to become actor and move to LA, but i dont really know how much will it cost me. it would be enormous help if you could answer how much this stuff costs in a month per each (and in general how much u spend living there):
    rent(and everything with it – water, gas etc)
    acting courses
    clothes, cosmetics, home supplies etc which person may need from time to time (toilet paper for example :D)
    thank you for reading this, in case you write something like that i am sure not only me but most of your readers will be really happy.
    PS: english is not my mother tongue, forgive my mistakes 🙂 also, i am not from usa so i have no idea how much what costs there, especially in a certain city.. thats why i ask, besides u do now almost exactly what i plan to.
    wish you luck making your dreams come true.

  4. You seem eager to explain yo yourself and other why you can’t. It may help you, and others, to focus on why you can. Nobody knows anything:

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