My Day to Day as a Foreign Actress in LA

Bountiful store @ Abbot Kinney Blvd.As I am typing this, there is a four month old mini human being sleeping in front of me, thanks to my feeble first time get-a-crying-baby-to-sleep efforts. There is a 3 year old energy sucking cutie sleeping in another room. A ceiling fan and a stand-up fan are delivering the only audible sounds on this warm winter night in the City of Angels.

Like any other since my arrival here, this week has been filled with bizarre ups, occasional downs and an important lesson for anyone who will ever move to a strange city all by themselves. Oh, and I also squeezed in a tale about Venice’s beacon of eyecandy: Abott Kinney Blvd. Photos included!

So, here’s a little peak in my daily LA life…I couldn’t have pitched that any more boring could I?

This morning I got up at 8AM, got dressed, had breakfast and spent 1.5 hours in a bus, attempting to Skype with my mom while at it. At about 10.30PM I set foot on Hollywood Boulevard, and walked past Marilyn Monroe’s star as if it were as normal as getting coffee in the morning. Then I hailed a cab and at 10.45 I was ringing the bell of a gorgeous house in the hills, home to two famous Dutch people that I got in touch with through yet another magical series of events. The purpose of my visit: Photoshopping!

After two hours of computer staring and digital people-perfecting we took a little break and went to their endless balcony with pool, hot-tub, barbecue and whatnot to admire the view of a sunny LA on an early Saturday. After Photoshopping part II was done I was invited to join the LA Dutchies to Occupy Wall Street in Downtown LA. Although I’m still undecided about my thoughts on the movement, it was an interesting study of hippies and more reputable demonstrators. Also, I had never been to the political district of LA before, and was surprised by the versatility of the city once again. There was some very interesting, modern architecture! Now that’s not what you think of when you say LA, right?

After a few hours of silly speeches and tie-die T-shirts we left the demonstrating fray and the LA Dutchies treated me to a lovely Italian dinner at The Grove (fantastic shopping area). Unfortunately I had to leave early to get on the bus once again and go to my babbysitting defloration. And that is where I am now, at 2.30AM. This will probably the 12th night in a row where I’ll get less than 5 hours of sleep. Must. Stay. Awake.

Most Other Days

Not all my days are full of luxurious activities, bus sitting and short nights though. Mostly they’re full of riding a bicycle and this funny little thing called acting, of course! I have two acting classes of four hours each week, and each comes with it’s own weekly rehearsals outside of class. Then I have school three mornings a week and some constant errand running, acting research and eating too much pizza and worrying about that afterwards in between. And all of it is awesome (minus the consumed calories), because you know what: the sun shines! Except for last Wednesday when it rained and I got all panicky the Dutch climate was upon us.

Yesterday was a tad different. The week had started out magnificent with my roommate and her sister going in full mean mode and basically telling me how bad of a person I was and how lazy. I should work more, said a person whose job consists of being a TV audience two times a week. Despite the fact that it shouldn’t have bothered me because I shouldn’t take the opinion of mean girls too seriously, it did kind of hurt my feelings a little bit. Not to mention the discomfort for me of being in my own house after that. I literally had to hide in the bedroom or go out, because they were always there together, talking in Spanish…

But on to the good stuff why yesterday was different! The berating by the meanies had me wanting to get out of the house, and that lead to a wonderful experience and important lesson!

Now, about two weeks ago I discovered to most beautiful little street in Venice, named Abbot Kinney. It’s a place where the prettiest of stores and galleries are gathered and blind anyone who even remotely values eyecandy with their stylish lights. Everything is hand-made and vintage and of course, way too expensive but so pretty. I was only two steps away from buying one of these $9 bars of soap…

Every first Friday of the month they have this little art festival called First Friday and naturally, I wanted to attend. But I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to accompany me. Literally an hour before the festival ended I decided: “F it, I’m just going there by myself” and I hopped on a bike and tried to hold my skirt down for dear life on the windy ride. When I got at Abbot Kinney everyone was in groups and my chances of meeting any new people got slimmer and slimmer as the minutes passed. Right before I got on my bike to go back though, I saw this party at a hair salon and decided to check it out.

The first 15 minutes at the party were, to say the least, awkward. I was just walking around with my wine in my hand, trying to look like I wasn’t alone and uncomfortable, while everyone was talking to each other. And then this lady came up to me. Within one minute it was established that she was A) also Dutch and B) the owner of the fancy hair salon that hosted the party! Since she had moved to LA all by herself as well when she was in her twenties we bonded right away, and she turned out to be the sweetest person ever. She introduced me to other actors at the party, said I could get my hair done for free and gave me a bag full of free hair products!

And yes, LA people promise a lot of things but that’s besides the point. The point is that I went there all alone, which was scary, and got rewarded with a great night, wonderful new contacts and free hair products! One of my acting teachers keeps saying this thing, which applies to life as well as acting: “Those who say yes are rewarded by the adventures they have and those who say no are rewarded by the safety they attain.”

And that, people, is the moral of today’s story. Do say no to unsafe sex and drugs though!

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4 responses to “My Day to Day as a Foreign Actress in LA

  1. monikutesem

    Amazing blog.. Great stories, so jealous of you. And the thing that your teacher keeps telling is completely true. Keep blogging. 🙂

  2. Nice one sister, great life lesson by your acting teacher 😉
    Can’t wait to join you and see all the magic LA has to offer, ,maybe this time I’ll love LA too !
    REALLY love the Abbott Kinney polaroids.

  3. Thank you for your blog; what a great read! As another actress pursuing the dream in Los Angeles, I just started a similar blog that may interest you and your readers.

    Please take a moment to check it out! Good luck and keep up all the hard work!

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