The Importance of a Desk, Agent Meetings and Other Wonderful Things

Yvette-InufioHello all! It is live from heaven that I address you today. Yup! I have finally moved in to a new apartment. An apartment where I have my own bedroom, bathroom, living room…Where there is a piano, a guitar, a backyard with lemon trees and squirrels, a water filter on the faucet so I don’t have to carry around gallons of water from the supermarket anymore and last but absolutely not least: a desk.

And that desk has lead to not only a meeting with an agent next week and possible representation with another one, it has started my acting career! Before you think the California sun has gone to my head, let me explain…

The Importance of a Desk
As an actor you are your own business. The CEO of your own enterprise as well as the receptionist and the salesman. You have to think like a regular Donald Trump sometimes, but more on that here. So like every CEO has an office, you as the head of sales, PR, finance and acting have to have to have one as well! Now that doesn’t mean you should go and start looking for mahogany tables, leather chairs and motivational posters but you need at least a desk and a laptop. The desk is really important, I figured this out when I moved in my new place last week.

In my old place I had nothing but a bed that stood two meters from my roommate’s bed and a closet for my clothes. My school stuff, electronics, acting books, scenes, acting class research and what have you just lay scattered wherever I had space. And because my mean girl landlady kind of didn’t want me to use the dining table in the living room I didn’t have any desk-like object.

Big frigging deal, you would think. That’s what I thought. Until I got a desk last week in my new pretty house! Now that I’ve been able to give everything a proper place, all of a sudden my head feels much clearer. I can actually oversee what I have and what I need to do. I’m organized. And my work towards getting an acting career has exponentially increased ever since. I mean really, when I moved out of my old place I had been here two months and all I managed to do was get headshots and an acting class…Nisj git!

Agent Meetings
But the first results from my freshly done work are already in. Since I finally made a selection of my LA headshots and retouched them (I shall post them here soon!) I could actually send out some beginning packages to agents that I know through friends. And I already scored one meeting! This Wednesday I’ll be sitting down with an agent from a starter agency, primarily for advice and guidance but that’s already a big win! And then next week I’ll also be recording two scenes for an agent from quite a big agency. Exciting times!

Other Wonderful Things
Remember me telling about my meanobeano land lady slash roomy and how she and her sister gave me a really hard time in my old place? Karma has shone upon her! I don’t usually hold grudges, but when a mean person almost makes me believe that I am the mean one and they’re Sweet Mother Mary, I just long for them to get some self-knowledge.

I didn’t think it would happen any time soon since my mean roomy (let’s name her Rollergirl) had just been selected to participate in some American Idol-esque Latino show called Protagonistas. Now I watch any English speaking country’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, but aside from that I really hate reality television.* Or rather the fact that reality TV “stars” usually grow an ego disproportionate to their talent. You can guess what happens to the ego of a mean girl in such a situation. So there was little hope Rollergirl would get discouraged in life soon to a point of self reflection. However, I still hoped she might be portrayed the way she is on the show so that when she would watch it back she could see her true colores.

And guess what I found out yesterday night through a Mexican TV addicted friend of mine? Rollergirl had been voted off in the very first episode of the show, and was portrayed just as she was! I feel bad about saying this, but that made me happy! Maybe I AM the mean one…

So, hopefully from here on out nothing but hard work, focus on acting and a clean desk! How about your experiences with getting organized? Any helpful tips?

* Although maybe I have also watched Girls Next Door in a long forgotten past in South America and Idols and So Yo Think…what? I can still hate it! At least I never watched The Hills!
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6 responses to “The Importance of a Desk, Agent Meetings and Other Wonderful Things

  1. Glad to hear things are comin together. Now that you’re out of the fold with psycho roomie/landlady, just leave her behind. Even relishing in her misfortune will cost ya brain power. Should be out there in a couple of weeks. Will ikeep ya posted!

  2. becomingjuliet ;

    Good work! You must be so so proud of yourself, I’m an Aussie actress and am heading over your way at the end of 2012 / start of 2013 and I am so excited! Your blog is a great read (I’m just about to start mine up – haven’t posted anything yet!). How much are you paying for your new place and where abouts is it situated if I may ask? Obviously you ride your bike a lot but is transport a big issue for you? Awesome work once again – I so agree about the desk! And that is hilarious about your loser ex-roomie. Harsh but fair! Hehe. x.x.x.

    • Hi Aussie actress nice to meet you! Glad you found your way here! The transport is only a problem when you start doing auditions, without that it’s just annoying and time-consuming. Answers to your questions are all the last couple of posts about my life in LA! The one about finances especially will be helpful to you. Hope you find what you’re looking for 🙂

  3. Yoeri

    Your awesome Shanice! And a great inspiration to us all x Yoer

  4. Paul

    If you’re not keeping that a secret, would you mind telling your readers what are in LA did you pick to live in now? Is that a 1 bedroom apartment? It looks so nice and spacious. Did you find it on the internet, and how hard is it to afford such a place in LA?


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