My First LA Audition & Agent Meeting!

skippy designsLast night I dreamt that I was celebrating the premiere of a short I did with a famous Dutch movie director and the crew at the place we shot the movie: Albert Heijn. And all I could think was: I need to get some red pesto, Dutch cheese and mozzarella to take back to LA. It’s odd how food has become intertwined with nostalgic feelings.

Anyway, end of random blurb. This week I had my first Los Angeles audition and meeting with an agent! And boy, are LA auditions different from those in the Netherlands…

The Agent
First things first. Well, actually the meeting and the audition were on the same day, but the meeting came first. It was another bloody hot day and I was a snotty mess and a little bit sick. But I thought canceling an appointment with an agent was not done, so I hopped on my bike and went. Let me tell you one thing: do not go to a meeting with anyone when you’re still sick-ish. The lady I met with literally said she was about to kick me out. It makes sense too, getting an agent sick will just get you their unconscious resentment. No one has time for it, not even an unemployed actress.

But I met with the agent anyway and we discussed my package (headshots, resume and reel) and she was very enthused. Said I had to lot to offer, and that she -let the orchestra begin playing- wanted to sign me! Pretty amazing, since LA business is affected by the recession as well and lots of actors are without a theatrical agent right now. I even know actors that have been here for four years and still don’t have one. I’m a lucky lady…So why isn’t this post titled I HAVE AN AGENT WOOHOO YAY? Well, there was one condition. I needed to get my visa first…

It needs no explanation why I haven’t been excited yet. However, I decided to think positive I have taken some new action. I have requested some free consultations with immigration lawyers to see if I might have a shot at the O1 visa for extraordinary talent in the arts. The agent lady also sent me numbers of good lawyers right the morning after. But I was never famous in the Netherlands. Not even close. But I did do a national TV show and that was in the media and press. We’ll see. I’ll just really hope the O1 turns out be an option.

The Audition
So right after the meeting I hopped on the bus (and then another one) for my first LA audition! Nothing big, just a University of Southern California graduate student film, but I decided it was good for me to start small. Get some idea of how auditions in LA go, so I won’t have to deal with crazy diarrhea once I audition for Grey’s Anatomy or the newest Tim Burton movie.

Funny story; while I was on my way to USC for the audition I started Googling the area because I heard it was a little bit…not so good. And things about drive by shootings and gangs and robberies start popping up and I got so scared I was literally ready to get out of the bus and return. But, scared for my life, I went anyway and USC turned out to be this picturesque all-American university with grass fields and people skateboarding with backpacks and everything. As scary as a box of Ferrero Rocher. The area around may be worse, but my life was safe there.

And then came the audition. Instead of coming at a fixed time like in the Netherlands, you just come in somewhere during half an hour and you go when you can. And then there are no introductions, no telling what you’ve done so far on camera. You really just go in, do your thing “whenever you’re ready” and get out.

You also have to have the sides with you, keep them in your hands on camera, and read from them when needed, whereas in the Netherlands bringing your lines with you is a travesty. I’m told it’s because not having your sides with you is like saying your audition is already the final performance, and they don’t want that here. The waiting area outside the audition room in LA also has a much more competitive feeling, people don’t chitchat. It also has a lot of peroxide…

So those were my two biggies of the week. Next week is going to be another really interesting one when more information on the O1 visa starts to come, and when I debut my homemade Silk Spectre costume for Halloween!

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13 responses to “My First LA Audition & Agent Meeting!

  1. Franklin

    i told you.. u are amazing! everything is gonna b allright.

  2. Sasha

    Goodluck with the immigration lawyers !!!

    ( Ik duim voor je! 😉 )


  3. Yoeri

    Ahahah it definetely is a true travesty when you enter a dutch audition with your lines in one hand ahhaha.

    Sounds good so far Shanice, hope you’ll be a 100% better around Halloween tomorrow! Cuz your silk specre outfit sounds AMAZEBALLS and i want pictures!

    Keep it up Doll! Ur amazing x

  4. I really hope everything works out for you with the visa stuff….and that’s wonderful that the agent wants to sign you!

  5. livelovelaughbelieve

    Wow Shanice, I really admire you and everything you are doing to make your dream come true, AMAZING! you are giving me hope 🙂 good luck for your visa!

  6. Warmth

    Being focussed (and talented, 🙂 ) will get you far, good for you!
    What you do is very inspiring, and as livelovelaughbelieve said, it gives hope, thank you for that, 🙂

  7. I stumbled up on your blog and I find it very refreshing, motivating and inspirational. I think that when anyone follow their dreams that in itself is success. I’m following my dreams too of becoming an actress and it’s not always easy but I knew that from the begining so that puts me one step ahead of myself. I just want to say keep the focus, remember it’s your dream and you have to protect it. I too will be relocating to LA from Northern Cal within the next 60 days and yes I’m nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. Keep being amazing and stay committed to your dream.

  8. Marielle

    Wat een heerlijke belevenissen 🙂
    Volgens mij hebben wij samen in het 48-hour filmproject gezeten….filmpje met de goudvis…klopt toch?
    Wat geweldig dat de grote stap hebt gezet!
    Succes met alles!

  9. Ben

    Hi, my name is Ben and I’m an actor. I like your blog, it’s interesting to observe your experiences. I had a question for you which is a tad personal, but it seems like you’re not opposed to sharing some info given the content of your blog. My question is: Why do you want to be an actress? I’d like to know what your motivation is and why it’s the profession you’ve chosen for yourself. If that’s none of my business, I’ll understand, but I’d like you to answer as frankly and truthfully as you can. Thanks, and good luck!

  10. Vraagje, heb je een artiesten opleiding gevolgd in Nederland? Zo ja, welke? Ik ben namelijk op zoek naar een goede opleiding.

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