Family, Photos & Almost Famous Assholes

On Sunday the 5th of November I went to LAX, on my way to finally see my little sister again after three months. It would be the first and only visit from the homefront. As I got at the right terminal, it was all one ugly mess. LAX is never a pretty airport with nice reception halls but this time they were renovating on top of it. It was a mess, but at least they were clever about it. One sign read “I bet we finish our construction before you finish your screenplay.” Hehee. These are the times I realize I’m in a city unlike any other. The only city in the world were 90% of the population is in the same industry. But more on that later…

So as I saw people coming in the bagage area from a different location I asked them where they came from and I discovered it was the flight my sister was on. I ran in the direction where everyone was walking from and arrived at an escalator. And then I saw my sister. But something was amiss…

Instead of her crying and running towards me in excitement like I expected, she looked mad, disappointed. I thought she didn’t recognize me (with my LA tan and all) but after more seconds passed I knew it wasn’t that. And then, further up the escalator to my total surprise I see my mom!!!

It was such a magical moment, so unexpected, so great. It made me very, very happy. But my sister had apparently made a whole production plan for how the rendezvous was supposed to go down, and this wasn’t anything like it. But for me it was still the greatest moment. Thinking of it now constricts my heart quite a bit, because they left early this week.

So that’s why there was a little radio silence on this blog. I was out doing these things…

After they left, it was quite an adjustment. All this time I’ve just been focussing 100% on acting, putting the fact that I had no loved ones around to the back of my mind. And it didn’t matter that much because I had gotten used to it and nothing in my environment reminded me of my life in Amsterdam anyway. But now that my mom and sister have filled LA and my house here with memories, it’s all of a sudden very quiet here…

So to keep my mind of mushy feelings I’ve been focussing on the biz again! And boy, did the biz have interesting situations in store for me! Like yesterday, when I went to my first commercial audition in LA. I was nervous to the point of hiding in the bathroom, until I actually walked into the casting agency…Oh lordy, the whole casting situation was just amazing in a sad, silly way. The place just smelled of desperation; There were 20 new people coming in every 10 seconds, everyone was checking each other out, no one made small talk, most of the girls were wearing super high heels, tight jeans and fake lashes, and the guys were just typical Hollywood assholes.

I’ve learnt that that’s the way guys become here when they’re frustrated and out of a job. Girls can cover insecurities with make-up and false lashes and an older, loaded man, but what must the poor guys do? Cover up with arrogance of course! Really the only way of dealing with this side of LA is by being able to laugh about it, otherwise it will consume your world image. But who am I to talk, I’ve only been here 3 months. I might be a jaded false lash girl after 2 years of Tinseltown too!

Anyway, have you noticed the number in the box on the upper right has exceeded 100? This week I hit more than 100 subscribers! So thanks everyone for commenting, reading and hitting that follow button! It makes me a happy girl! I would love to get to know who all of you are, so if you have a minute to spare, leave a little comment. Cheers!

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7 responses to “Family, Photos & Almost Famous Assholes

  1. Paris

    It always makes me smile when you’ve written a new post. Having your family over to visit must have been great, 🙂 The pictures are nice too,
    hope you will find your way again after the visit, just keep your eyes on the prize, you’re doing well!

  2. Nadi

    Lieve Shanice,
    Even een berichtje in je moedertaal, to ease things a little 🙂
    Leuk om te horen dat je het zo naar je zin hebt gehad met je moeder en je zusje! Wat een verrassing zeg! Heerlijke blog weer. Aan de ene kant moeilijk voor te stellen hoe je het daar hebt, maar toch zijn je verhalen dusdanig beeldend dat ik het gevoel heb er een beetje bij te zijn!
    Ik hoop dat je binnenkort (vanavond misschien?) even tijd hebt om te skypen. Hou je goed (en blijf ALSJEBLIEFT jezelf, no fake nothing for you please! :P)
    Liefs, Nadi

  3. victoriÀ

    It’s great that you’re doing so well! Can you tell me what was the audition like? And how are you doing on the ‘getting a work permit’ field?

  4. Anne

    Your blog is always a pleasure to read!! Keep posting! 🙂

  5. Geert Gielissen

    Toen je mij bij de opnamen van Moordvrouwen vertelde dat je naar Amerika zou gaan geloofde ik je wel maar dacht….ach weer een. Maar jij maakt het waar! En jouw verhalen zijn enig. Schrijven kan je ook heel leuk en onderhoudend. Vanzelfsprekend blijf ik je volgen want ik ben echt benieuwd waar je uiteindelijk zult belanden. Heel veel succes hoor!
    Geert Gielissen
    je collega in Moordvrouwen.
    ( ik was de rechter, weet je nog in de zaak Troeta W)

  6. Anna

    Thanks for post and great pics! In Ukraine almost all the auditions, especially to reality shows and commercials are surrounded by high heal, super sexy short dressed, false lashes and red lips. I have a lot of fun looking at all these, so glad i don’t have TV at home! Real directors would like to look at you with no make up and in simple clothes. And what i’ve realized that all of that is needed to get some experience and to be noticed as there is nothing brighter than your eyes!) Good luck!

  7. I have just discovered your blog. Love it. This looks like a book waiting to be published and filmed.

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