Help Me Get a Role in a Dutch TV Show!

VogueUnless you were born Kate Hudson, it isn’t often that you can call on your family and friends to help you out in your career as an actress. I wrote before on how it’s sometimes hard to even draw a picture of the film industry, and things that can help you explain it to parents, friends etc. So when I discovered this contest to win a role in a national Dutch TV show that’s all about votes, my heart made a small jump of joy!

That’s why I now call on you, my dear readers, to please help me get this role by following the voting instructions below the cut. I know it’s annoying to enter e-mail addresses etc. but it’s really only five minutes of work tops, you wil not receive spam and it’s worth a million to me! I mean, you can literally help me get an acting job!

What to do….

  1. Go to
  2. Press the big button “STEM OP SHANICE”
  3. You get a pop up box now,  press “REGISTREREN”
  4. You get a new page now, in the box on the right enter your e-mail in the first box and your minimum 7 sign counting password in the last two.
  5. Tick the box underneath (this will not lead to spam, it just says you agree to the terms), then click “AANMELDEN”
  6. You now get to a new page, click “IK WIL ALLEEN MAAR STEMMEN”
  7. Then you will receive an activition e-mail. Click on the link in that to activate your account.
  8. At the page the activation link directs you to, enter this URL
  9. Press”STEM OP SHANICE” again
  10. Now you will see my video on top with 5 stars. Keep it there and then drag random videos (which you can see right underneath) to the other spots.
  11. Click STEM! Done!
You can now vote once every day! Please spread the word through social networks and help me get this role! I will mention you all in my Oscar speech ;P If there’s anything that isn’t clear or doesn’t work, please let me know. Thanks sooo much, and fingers crossed!

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14 responses to “Help Me Get a Role in a Dutch TV Show!

  1. Victoria

    Done! good luck!

  2. Carlijn

    Gestemd! Ik hoop dat je wint!

  3. Got my vote, darling. Best luck!

  4. Kate

    Waar doe je nu precies auditie voor? Ik heb geprobeerd het uit te vinden, maar daar ben ik niet zo goed in 😛
    ps ik heb wel gestemd hoor 😉

  5. Hi Kate thanks so much! Voor de rol van Maria, een onschuldig uitziende zangeres in een BNN TV serie:)

  6. I’ve been voting every day and I really hope you get it! Best of lucks! 🙂

  7. The past two days, all I’ve been doing is reading your blog. It’s like you’re living my dream. I’m so happy that I found this blog. It gives me the courage to actualy make my dream a reality. I only have acting experience from High School and it was the best experience of my life. I never pursued it because I live in a small town and it’s not really the place to get some experience in acting. I live in Canada but I was born in the Unites States, so I have an American passport. I wanted your opinion on what Acting School to go to and what classes to start with? I think what you’re doing is amazing and it’s just what I needed to make my dream a reality and to actualy do it. Fear sometimes gets in the way. Thank you and waiting for your next post. 🙂

  8. Jess

    I just started reading your blog today and I’m definitely voting for you. I’m so inspired and thankful for your blog.

  9. Paul

    If Dutch campaigns are any similar to the rest of Europe marketing tricks, you are not going to get the part.

    The film has enough budget to afford a professional actor, who they will audition and fit the part properly. No casting people can leave leading and supporting parts for the public to vote and pick. THEY will have to work with that person, so THEY are going to pick it themselves.

    Campaigns such as this are made to attract more attention to the project and market it. Although, you might get offered a small part or to be an extra in some of the scenes.

    Don’t mean to disappoint you, just making sure you are not wasting your time.

    Wish you best of luck with your career in LA, girl!

    • Hi Paul, I’m glad to telling you that this is not a big marketing trick from a production with bunch of money. When you read more about the channel, BNN, you’ll see that it is a young and a bit rebel-styled channel that will like to do things differently. In case of Who’s In Who’s Out it really means that you can win one of the big parts. The only thing that can make you doubt is the fact that one’s you get in, the audience can vote you out. They can choose between the two chosen roles that are playing in the show on that time. So you’re guaranteed for 2 episodes and after than it’s up to the audience.

      But furthermore I can say that this isn’t a waste of time. Like Shanice said, it only take 5 minutes 😉


      Who’s In Who’s Out

      2Shanice, for further questions feel free to contact me on

  10. Nadi

    Super stom; elke keer als ik stem op jou moet ik ook op iemand anders stemmen.. Ik duim voor je meid! Liefs, Nadi

  11. Emilie

    You got my vote! Glad to help, you help me so much with your blog 🙂

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