Back in The Saddle!

skippy designsMy little meltdown last week, after hearing the O1 visa plan fell through and I had to return to the Netherlands within a month, has officially ended. It was a weird period. My school had ended, I had no more money for acting classes, my boyfriend had just left… so I had nothing to do and nobody around. And then I got sinusitis and was sick for the whole week. At times I was afraid I might go looney. Or become a zombie.

But then I got so much love out of the most unexpected corners: old colleagues, people I’d only met once who are mainly Facebook friends…But most and foremost: my blog readers! I received so many elaborate, sweet, encouraging comments and e-mails. Really guys, I can’t tell you how awesome that felt!

So I’ve gotten back on the saddle, which is like home for a Dutch girl anyway, and took action!
The first thing I did was ask people around me if they could refer me to any managers or agents. And a wonderful Dutch actress and photographer was kind enough to refer me to the agent that sponsored her O1. A couple of days after I sent an e-mail to this agent I got a reply…With sweaty hands I opened the mail: Thanks for the referral, she’s wonderful, no new clients too busy with pilot season, have her contact me after pilot season. So while’s there no guarantees, there’s at least a tiny shimmer of hope!

Then my sweet 60-something roommate who knows an actress asked that actress to have lunch with me soon, so maybe she can refer me as well. This industry runs almost exclusively by referral if you want an agent or manager. So fingers crossed for that one too!

But I haven’t just been sitting around waiting for others to help me. Nope, I started doing what every actor does at least once in their life, if not many, MANY, more times: I sent out blind submissions to about 15 commercial agencies and am gonna do a theatrical one soon as well. There I was, in a print shop, printing out 8×10 shots of my face with a resume printed on the back. There I was, at the Post Office, with a bunch of manila envelopes directed to talent agencies…The total LA cliche. At least I’m not a waitress (yet). Whatever it takes, right?

I’ll probably still have to go back to the Netherlands for a bit, because the chance that I find an agent and get enough work done to receive a status pending visa before February 17 is extremely small. But I’ll just make it count. I’ll get a dialect coach to completely erase my Dutch accent and start collecting O1 visa documents or something. Regardless, I’ll get to see my friends and family again which will make it wonderful no matter what.

Help My Return to the Netherlands be for Acting!
But there’s one way that could actually make my return to the Netherlands like a dream come true, and you can help with that! On Sunday 22 February at 3PM Pacific time (5PM midwest time, 6PM east coast time, 12 ‘o clock at night Dutch time) the voting for the contest to win a role in a Dutch TV show ends. Whoever has the highest average ranking and is at number one at that time, wins the starring role. There’s one catch though. The top 5 is public, and whoever is in there gets voted down massively by other contestants. So it’s not good to show up in the top 5 too early.

Therefore I’d like to ask you once more, please vote for me by giving me 5 stars! But do so as close to 3PM Pacific time (or whatever that is in your country) as possible! Here are the voting instructions again:

  1. Go to
  2. Press the big button “STEM OP SHANICE”
  3. You get a pop up box now,  press “REGISTREREN”
  4. You get a new page now, in the box on the right enter your e-mail in the first box and your minimum 7 sign counting password in the last two.
  5. Tick the box underneath (this will not lead to spam, it just says you agree to the terms), then click “AANMELDEN”
  6. You now get to a new page, click “IK WIL ALLEEN MAAR STEMMEN”
  7. Then you will receive an activition e-mail. Click on the link in that to activate your account.
  8. At the page the activation link directs you to, enter this URL
  9. Press”STEM OP SHANICE” again
  10. Now you will see my video on top with 5 stars. Keep it there and then drag random videos (which you can see right underneath) to the other spots.
  11. Click STEM! Done.
Thanks heaps and enjoy your Sunday! Oh, and did you notice this blog is on Facebook now? Like the page to stay updated and see new pictures!

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9 responses to “Back in The Saddle!

  1. neele

    Hey =)
    I only found your blog a few days ago, but you seem like such a bright, inspiring person, I love reading already! I’m so glad you regained your positive outlook! Good luck finding a new agent, you really do deserve it! I’ll keep following you and praying that you’re going to achieve your dream! I’d really want to be there with you. I have similar dreams, but since I’m still getting my education and am only 18 years old, I’ll have to wait.
    Lots of Love, Neele from Germany

  2. Yo NB, all you can do is keep pluggin. And remember what we sez in da hood yo… When da game changez, da playas gots to change their game. 😛 You gonna still be in LA when I get back? Yo from ‘namside! 😛

  3. Sunset

    Good to read you’re back in the saddle. Have a nice Sunday too, 🙂

  4. AussieActress

    It’s wonderful you’re positive once again! There is always another foot-hole to find. May I ask, did you use a photo printing place within hollywood? i’d love to know the name of it but mainly the price for 8×10 prints? I think i’ll be printing a lot also while i’m there.

  5. I love your positive attitude. I myself am about to embark on my own journey to Los Angeles in hopes of career stardom. I hope you get to stay and pursue your dreams, if not I hope that your trip home is wonderful.

  6. jaz3080

    Will be voting for sure! Good luck!

  7. jamie

    Just found your blog and I’ve been reading a couple of your posts! I want to be an actress too. Someday, I hope! I’m Dutch too and the visa thing scares me and makes me think I won’t be able to pursue acting but I think what you’re doing is amazing and you are so determined 🙂 Ik wens je heel veel geluk, ik weet dat jij het kan!

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