A Post of Joy: I Got The Part!

After a period of solely bad news, sickness and sad blog posts, the tide has turned. I hate to fall into cheesy clichés but, you know…every cloud has silver lining. And to throw in a Dutch saying as well: after rain comes sunshine! Because you know what? I GOT THE PART IN THE DUTCH TV SHOW! See the official announcement here!

And I have no one to thank but my wonderful army of voters; my friends, family, blog readers, twitter followers….Thank you so, so much! The competition was fierce and there were some amazing contestants. I’ll just have to do my utmost to be worthy winner!

So lots of things are going to change now. Let’s continue with the clichés: Life is what happens when you make plans… 

Tonight I’m going to get a call from the network, so I’m very excited about that because that would really seal the deal. Then I have to pack my whole LA life of 5 months, get on a plane, and suddenly be back in the Netherlands again. Or maybe I’ll just pack one suitcase and leave my homey here intact. I am planning on returning to Tinseltown after all. Who knows? Since the last couple of months my vision of the future has been turned upside down quite a few times, I am kind of developing a phobia against planning.

But it seems to be at least 99% sure that coming Saturday I’ll be on the set of the Dutch TV show, Who’s in Who’s Out, doing what I love most: singing and acting. And from there on I’ll get to stay in the show as long as I don’t get voted out. So I might have to turn into a votes beggar a couple more times. I hope you’ll forgive.

Thanks so much again and stay tuned for lots of posts here about my time on set! If the powers that be allow me of course…;)

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27 responses to “A Post of Joy: I Got The Part!

  1. TheAngelStar

    yeeeah!!! I’m so happy for you!
    Good luck in your new TV shot 🙂

  2. Jamy Land

    Super Shanice,van harte gefeliciteerd met je rol in Nederland.
    Je komt er wel.TOI TOI TOI
    Jamy Land

  3. *excellent, i told you!!! congratulations 🙂

  4. Really happy for you! Go, and break a leg! (and than come back to the US!)

  5. So I guess you will be gone before I get back. Congrats nonetheless!

  6. It’s always wonderful to hear when people start those steps towards making their dreams come true. Best of luck!

  7. whilehavingrum

    En terecht. Ik heb die wedstrijd maar mildjes gevolgd, maar was wel meteen fan van je. Congrats en vooral heel veel plezier! Dat je je maar lekker mag ontwikkelen : )

  8. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! =D Congrats!!!! =) All the best and have so much fun! ❤

  9. hey shanice,
    I want to congratulate you on the part, I was running too and ended 9th.
    If anyone it should be you, I’ve read a lot of your blogs and I really think you deserve it. I’ll probably see you on set sunday as I hope I can be an extra again. I’m looking forward to meet you!
    Xx kyara

  10. Morningstar

    Cool! Things are starting to move, goodluck with the tv-show! 🙂

  11. Roberta Fossile

    I’m so happy for you Shanice!Kisses from Switzerland

  12. Anne

    Awesome!! Congrats!!

  13. Geert Gielissen

    Hoi Shanice,
    Wat een geweldig nieuws!!! En wat leuk dat je in Wiwo gaat optreden. Ik kijk er iedere week naar en ik vind het een leuke, flitsende show met een geweldige kijkdichtheid. Een van de actrices is Carolien Spoor. Met haar heb ik nog in LOFT gezeten. Zij doet ‘t ook erg goed daar in wiwo! Uiteraard stem ik weer op jou! En wie weet wat dat je nog gaat brengen. Toi, toi, toi!!

  14. Ninon

    CONGRATS GIRL!!! Je hebt het verdient!!! XX

  15. Ninon

    verdienD bedoel ik

  16. Michelle

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations! That’s fantastic 🙂

  17. Carlijn

    Succes met opnemen!
    Ik zit zondag voor de buis!

  18. jaz3080

    Amazing. When one door closes, another one opens!

    Good luck. You deserve it. Glad my voting helped.

  19. Do

    Nice girl! You deserved it. 🙂

  20. Samira

    HI, my name is Samira and I just discovered this blog. It’s amazing! It’s great that you share your experiences and advice with other people! A lot of people will benefit from that. I want to do the exact same thing you’re doing: moving to LA to follow my dreams! I always kind of had an idea on how to do it, but reading about how you did it gives me a lot more tips to help me along the way. I plan on moving to LA in 2013. I’m also from Holland, Den Haag to be exact. Om de een of andere reden dacht ik dat er maar 1 of 2 mensen doen wat ik wilde doen, en toen ik dus deze blog vond was ik helemaal versteld. Dit is precies wat ik nodig heb, advies van een mede Hollander lol! Ik hoop dat ik vragen aan je kan stellen over het hele verhuisgedoe naar LA. Ik weet er niet veel over en jij bent er nu een beetje een expert in.:D Ik wens je al het geluk en veeeeel succes in LA!
    Xx Samira
    PS Sorry voor de comment in twee talen, 😀 ik heb geen idee waarom ik dat deed.:D

  21. PeterNY

    Gefeliciteerd! Komt vast helemaal goed!

  22. Emilie

    OH MY GOD, that’s so great!!! Wait, you posted this 2 days ago?? I wish I’d checked my email alittle earlier! Congratulations!!

  23. Anna

    Congrats!!!!!!!!! After Such experience it will be much easier to return to LA or any other moviemaking place in the world! Get on top Girl!

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