In Holland, On Set, All Happy

skippy designsWow, this week has felt like three months. Sunday the 22nd of January 3PM Pacific Time I saw that I won a role in the Dutch TV show Who’s in Who’s Out. I didn’t quite believe it yet until a couple hours later I received a phone call from the director that indeed, I had won. Also, that I had to be in Amsterdam by Wednesday morning to record songs for the show in a studio. You see, the series features singing and dancing. It’s kind of like Fame, but different. Dutch, mostly.

Minutes after, I started packing like crazy and Monday, 6AM Pacific Time I was at LAX airport.  Tuesday 8AM Central European Time I was in Amsterdam. Wednesday and Thursday I was in the studio, Friday I was doing table reads, and Saturday through Monday I was on set filming my first episode. It’s been a crazy week. But crazy good…

The first day I was back I was a little numb. I was just so overwhelmed. The freezing cold, being back in Amsterdam, seeing my family, being in my boyfriend’s apartment again, riding my bike through town… It was like I had never left and I had little trouble processing it all.

I met up with my friends that night, and one of them baked me her famous, fabulous chocolate raspberry cake and that’s when I started to become really, really happy. Because I care more for chocolate than people. I kid! It had just been so long that I had been comfortable and free around people I know and love, that I started realizing the perks of being back, aside from the acting job.

And then the fun started. I had my first studio recording experience Wednesday and Thursday. It was scary and exciting and awesome. During the first day I had to sing a song from one of the greatest singers of all time. Now, I can hold a tune, but I’m definitely not a heavyweight voice-wise. So the first day went a little rougher than I had hoped. Luckily the second day went better!

Friday there were acting rehearsals, and Saturday the filming started at 8AM! Then Sunday at 7.30PM, and Monday 7.15AM. I’ve never had a reason to be happy about rising early until now;) Before the actual filming started I had to do some fittings though. I never had any idea of what goes on in styling behind the scenes of these TV shows and was quite amazed. A room filled to the brim with racks of clothes, accessories and shoes… My girlygirl heart skipped a beat.

And then it was filming, filming, filming! Of course I was a little bit nervous since I didn’t know anyone yet, but the cast and crew are such a nice group of people that I felt at home quite fast. And with regards to acting I just try to see it as one big learning experience. Beating yourself up over things doesn’t make it better after all.

Now that I’ve been in Amsterdam a week I’m slowly of getting in the rhythm of things. Which is good, because today and tomorrow I have dance rehearsals, for which I am quite nervous since I have the dance skills of a coffee table. But I’ll just have to get over it and try. And remember: learningexperience, learningexperience…

And then Saturday the filming starts again for my second and perhaps last episode. Because after my first episode airs this Sunday, it’s all down to voting again. So be ready for some vote begging soon! And of course, the episode itself. In the meantime, here are some backstage shots. More can be found on Facebook!

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10 responses to “In Holland, On Set, All Happy

  1. vintagelle

    Ik weet zeker dat je het geweldig gaan doen in de serie, ik kijk nu al uit naar zondag!

  2. Emilie

    Wow wow wow! Surreal! Can’t wait to see the episode, even though it’ll be in Dutch :p I will be able to see it on the internet right??

  3. Geert Gielissen

    Ik ben reuze benieuwd wat je ervan terecht brengt maar dat zal best top zijn! En ik ga zeker kijken!

  4. Hopelijk krijgt het een vervolg!

  5. whilehavingrum

    Leuke foto’s en nog steeds heel leuk dat je de rol hebt bemachtigd!

  6. Anna

    I am so happy for you!!!!

  7. Yoeri

    Ik ga zeker kijken Shanice! Heel veel succes, mijn stem heb je zowieso x

  8. Clara

    Wow, i make me cry, i’m from argentina, i studies dance since i was 6. And i took acting clases, and my dreams is to become an actress, but i don’t know, is so hard, i was in a ballet company, Iñaki Urlezaga’s company, but i wanted to finish school and i just decided left the company. The company always says to me to come back but i think that i have to study a career. I don’t know what to do. I love acting, i really love it. So if anyone have some advice for me, i would be grateful.
    The most important thing…
    Congratulations!! I’m really happy for you! (:

  9. Clara

    You make me cry * sorry for the mistake

  10. Just wondering, did you have to pay for your plain ticket yourself or was it paid for?

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