My First Episode!

skippy designsHi all! Thanks to all of your votes I got to star in two episodes of the Dutch TV show Who’s in Who’s Out as the at first sight seemingly bitchy Maria, and I had the time of my life. Cycling through the snow, freezing my butt off, I all did it with a joy that nearly made me break out in a “I’m siiiiinging in the snow!” My first episode aired yesterday, go check it out here:

Now that we wrapped filming my second episode however, it’s up to you guys wether I stay for more episodes or not! Voting is much simpler this time, but I do have to compete with an actor that has already won twice before, so I need your help! Pretty-please-with-Nutella-on-top vote, instructions are below. And a little making of video too!

If you already made an account when you voted last time just go to: and click the big “STEM OP MARIA” button.

If you haven’t voted yet, follow these instructions:
1. Go to
2. Press the big button “STEM OP MARIA”
3. You get a pop up box now, press “REGISTREREN”
4. You get a new page now, in the box on the right enter your e-mail in the first box and your minimum 7 sign counting password in the last two.
5. Tick the box underneath (this will not lead to spam, it just says you agree to the terms), then click “AANMELDEN”
6. You now get to a new page, click “IK WIL ALLEEN MAAR STEMMEN”
7. Then you will receive an activition e-mail. Click on the link in that to activate your account.
8. At the page the activation link directs you to, enter this URL
9. Press ”STEM OP MARIA”

Done! Thanks sooo much! Watch a behind the scenes video here:

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8 responses to “My First Episode!

  1. dat bitchy is wel goed gezegt, maar ik weet zeker dat we een betere kant van maria gaan zien, ik al met je gespeeld zaterdag en ik vond het top!! Ik hoop dat je mag blijven! En ik hoop je zaterdag weer te zien XxX

  2. Geert Gielissen

    Ik heb net weer op jou gestemd en nu maar duimen he! Je doet ‘t prima!

  3. FullMoon

    Second time it happens that I for I don’t know what reason can’t vote for you… Wish giving you my vote on your blog would be good enough but I guess that won’t do. Regardless of this ‘malfunction’ I wish you tons of luck! The excitement and the happiness you are experiencing just bounces from the words you write, it is simply radiant, 🙂

  4. Kirsten

    Voted for you!

  5. Oh girl, we’ll keep you there for the rest of the show!! Make sure you ask people to share the link on facebook!!

  6. Christina

    I voted for you! It was kinda confusing at first but I figured it out. I hope you win! I am also an actress so reading your blog really inspires me to keep trying and to never give up.

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