My New Showreel!

Without much further ado, here’s my new showreel…Would love to hear your feedback!




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6 responses to “My New Showreel!

  1. manoncarphotography

    Your new showreel is great, well done! I love your headshot as well. Good Luck!!

  2. Kyara

    Hey Shanice,
    Amazing showreel!!! It’s really nice to see how much of who’s in who’s out you’ve put into it. Makes me think about those days as well, and I can tell you I can only think of it positively. I hope you get lucky on your auditions the coming week, so good luck and break a leg!!!

  3. Geert Gielissen

    Helemaal top Shanice! Daar kan je mee voor de dag komen!!

  4. Hi Shanice, it looks great, so happy to see you’re still chasing your dream and blogging too:)

    Am just writing a post about Bocas with you in it. It will be live tomorrow! Lots of love from me and all the Candys!

    x A

  5. Very nice, Shanice. I love montages of the diff looks you have in the beginning. It really gets me interested. Keep up the great work!

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