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Bonjour! I’m a 2223 y/o girl, currently living in Amsterdam Los Angeles and I want to be am an actress. So there you have the who & where. As for the why: I will use this blog primarily to write about the trials and tribulations I encounter on my way to becoming an actress in Los Angeles. A trip that will take took place in August 2011, though it’s been in the planning since 1988. That’s right all you attention paying geniuses, since my birth!

This blog will be written mainly for myself. I mean… how cool would it be to read all this when I receive my first Oscar, right? ;P However, I can imagine this blog being interesting for anyone who has a dream they want to follow, whether that is being an actress or being the first human being to open a spa on the moon. I also really would love if this blog would get me in touch with other like-minded or passionate people.

My Resume
Download my resume in American format here
Download my resume in Dutch format here

My Showreel

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41 responses to “About

  1. crystal donna roberts

    Hi there. I am sooo intersted in your blog. I’m a freelance actress in South Africa and guess what…i’m planning on making the big move to L.A December 2011. It obviusly has soo much planning..as you know. Can’t wait to read more. Strongs with your journey. Till next time. xoxo. c

  2. Clarice Venturelli

    hi! i’ve been reading your blog and i’m loving it! i’m a 21 year old girl from Brazil and i want to be an actress too! but my plans are still in the very begining…
    you took acting classes at the acting corps right? i was planning to do the actors boot camp, a program they have that lasts 4 weeks, but the plans are on hold right now, as i’m still in college…
    well, good luck with your plans!!! and who knows, maybe we’ll meet in LA if i go there this year or in the beginning of 2012! 🙂
    i hope we can stay in touch! i’ll have free time this week, so im going to read all your posts so i can get some tips from your experience! 🙂


  3. Hoi,

    Wat kun jij leuk schrijven! Ik mis wel je naam op deze pagina ‘about’. En ik zou hier ook een pasfoto neerzetten, zodat men meteen kan zien hoe je er uit ziet. Zelf ben ik nu ruim 1,5 jaar bezig met acteren en het bevalt me goed.

    Nog een tip: als je al in films hebt gespeeld, zet die ook op je website. (Of via een link naar YouTube, zoals ik heb gedaan: http://www.youtube.com/torstencolijn). Dan kan men ook zien hoe je acteert.

    Ik heb me net abonneerd op je weblog. Alvast een goeie reis!

    • Hi Torsten! Bedankt voor je leuke commentaar! Ik doe er nu nog even geen foto’s en filmpjes op om redenen die je boven in dit stukje kan vinden 😉 Maar zodra ik in LA ben, zal ik dat zeker gaan doen! Ik hoop dat je het leuk blijft vinden hier en als je vragen hebt, stel ze vooral!

  4. Your blog is so engaging! I stumbled upon it because of a comment you left on another blog regarding editing posts. Anyway, i’m so surprised to see so many of your commentors did not include links to their own blogs. It is late at night and I’m just perusing. I’m finding it’s fun to learn about other people by just clicking onto their blogs…

  5. Maaike Snoek

    hoi, ik wil zelf ook actrice worden, maar ik ben pas net begonnen. en een paar reacties hierboven had Clarise het over een bootcamp, wat is dat dan precies?
    een hele leuke blog, trouwens. je kan er echt wat van leren, bedankt!

  6. Pascalle

    Hey,, ik kwam net toevallig via-via op je blog terecht.
    Erg leuk! 🙂
    &ik ben jaloers op je hoor. Wat jij allemaal doet zou ik ook zo ontzettend graag willen maar heb geen idee hoe..
    Heb je een opleiding tot acteur oid gedaan? Of ben je op goed geluk begonnen met audities?

  7. Hi, my name is Lainey, and I am a teen actress in LA! I am enjoying your blog very much! I got a private message from you on twitter, about it, and thought I’d check it out! It is really exciting what you are doing, and how you’re learning so much about the acting world in LA, when you’re half way across the world. Best of luck with your move! Maybe we will run into each other at an audition someday!

  8. Hi, I wish you good luck in LA and go for it! If you follow your heart and feelings and you believe in it, you can make a great career overthere.
    If they need an actor overthere don’t hesistate to contact me. I am a professional actor playing leading roles in Musical, TV and Theatreproductions. I am also the leadsinger in a great orchestra and sing the songs of Michael Bublé, Frank sinatra, Robbie Williams etc…
    Lots of succes!!! and go for it girl!

    Greetings Willy

  9. Josef

    Hello, ik vond je op twitter en toen kwam ik hier uit ..
    Ga jij volgens jaar acteren in een film in hollywood of zit ik helemaal verkeerd?


  10. Hé, wat een ontzettend leuk blog. Je volgt me op twitter , ik heb meteen geabonneerd via email. 🙂

  11. helena mooi

    Wow, jij hebt een leuke blog! Ik voel me vereerd dat jij mij volgt op twitter, altijd weer verbaasd dat mensen mij dan gaan volgen! Vraag me altijd af hoe dat komt? Door de foto (kindsterretje Ashley Olsen of door de naam Bieberaddict?) Anyway, ik ga jou ook volgen en abonneer me op je blog en hoop dat je een big actress gaat worden in Hollywood! Break-a-Leg! Groetjes Helena (ik wil later ook graag ergens beroemd mee worden: zingen/dansen/acteren)

  12. Tom

    Love your blog! Do you ever read Back Stage’s Unscripted blog?

  13. nbname

    Just gonna jump in on this one and say that you’re doing very well, and your whole blog is inspirational to every aspiring actor out there, especially out of USA. Keep it up, and break a leg!

  14. KIm

    iik vind het super dat je dit allemaal doet en ik zag je al op hetcastingforum.tk
    maar ik heb een paar vraagjes als je het niet erg vind 🙂
    Wat heb je nou precies nodig om in amerika te wonenn?
    geld, visa wat nog meer?

    ik zit er ook aan te denken om in amerika te wonen
    ik ben nu als uitwisselingstudent In new orleans dus dit is een testje lol

    en hoe heb je appartament gevonden? gewoon via google?
    en je woont nu in LA voor altijd toch ? or voor een paar maanden?

  15. hi there, i just stumbled upon your blog and love it! and your amazing adventures in LA too! i’m a photographer/filmmaker based out of India, visiting US and in LA right now! please check out my online folio and send me your thoughts! thanks and cheers! http://mothlight.photoshelter.com/gallery-list

  16. Mounir Aboulasri

    Nou ik heb ben op de helft, heb de helft van al je artikelen gelezen. Meid ik kan alleen zeggen WOW. Mijn droom is ook om de hoogste nivo te behalen. Ben er mee bezig, al gaat het soms traag. maar top. keep smiling

  17. bryan

    Hello – I found your blog by following a link on YouTube – very interesting to read. I’m an actor who just moved to LA from NYC. You should have your name somewhere on your blog, I couldn’t even find it in the About section. As an actor you’ll want to promote who you are – imagine if someone in casting found your blog and wanted to bring you in for an audition? they’d have a hard time finding you or researching you. Keep up the blog, it’s great!

    Best of luck


    You have a beautiful style! I found your blog watching a few “famous audition” videos on YouTube. Keep it up, you’re on the right track. Best of luck on the glorious road ahead :0)

  19. Great Blog! I am also interested in acting as well! Your blog will definitely help others =) All the best!
    By the way…what’s your name?

  20. Jacobien


    Ik lees je blog, en ik krijg de kriebels van binnen. Ik spring van mijn stoel en sla gaten in de muur. Ik zou je zooo graag eventjes willen spreken. Is er een kans dat je even met me wil mailen?

    Groetjes Jacobien

  21. SELDA

    Hey there! This is Selda from Turkey. So I was on the internet asking google ”what to do to become an actress, how to become an actress, where to start…” and all these kinda questions and then suddenly I found myself on your blog and I was like ” hmm that seems interesting” and I thought it is worth to spend time reading it. I also have wanted to become an actress ever since I know myself but yet majoring in engineering instead and everytime I watch a movie, I go crazy, tears on the eyes, telling myself I could have been in this movie if only i tried! So, recently I have decided for sure that I am going to start doing something about it before it is too late and before I am suffering in regret. I think your blog and how hard you are trying to make your dreams come true also inspired me and I would like to thank you for it! Then I saw that you are trying to get a role in a Dutch TV show and I already voted for you, I hope it makes a difference and help you get chosen. I am moving to Germany in two months and I also want to visit the Netherlands, it would be nice to have a cup of coffee with you, who knows. Well, goodluck with your dreams!

  22. Saskia

    Hallo, leuke blog!!! Ik ben zelf van plan om september dit jaar naar LA te verhuizen (ben toegelaten aan de AADA) en jouw blogs geven me een goed idee wat te verwachten en hoe me voor te bereiden!!!! Keep up the good work! 😉

    Groetjes, Saskia

    P.S. Misschien zien we elkaar op de set van WIWO, want ik ben van plan daar (weer) te gaan figureren!

  23. Erick

    I’d like to hear from you about places to stay while in LA, where you have lived while there. Cause I’m planning to go to LA and I’m looking for some options.
    Another question.. In which acting school have you studied in LA? Was everything OK with the school before your travel or you just when arrived there.

    Thanks in advance for the attention!

  24. Irene


    Een vriendin van mij tipte mij over je blog. Mijn naam is Irene Hoek en woon ook in LA. Mijn man werkt hier en ik mocht mee ;-). Zelf ben ik in NL bekend met de entertainment industrie (heb veel gedaan voor magazines, radio, tv ed; ben playmate van het jaar 2010) en het lijkt mij erg leuk om ook hier in LA wat audities te doen. Heb je tips?

    Groetjes Irene

  25. Maura M

    HI, I like your blog a lot. I am an aspiring actress. And I was wondering how do you even get a meet with a agency to even consider signing you. I would really appreciate it thanks:)

  26. How do you like Los Angeles? I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life. It’s pretty amazing. Always wanted to be an actor myself.

    Funny thing is, the high school I went to was 80% dutch. There used to be a huge Dutch community in the Artesia / Cerritos area.

    Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the city. I will be following your blog.


  27. Mareta Roche

    Hi there! I love your blog, and looking forward in seeing you in some big hit movie and on Hollywood A-list. I will keep your resume, I have feeling I`ll need it! Good luck with everything,
    Mareta Roche

  28. Alyson Ramos

    Hey , there. i would just like to say that i love your blog. And for some time now, i have been setting a big dream for myself on trying to become a well known famous actress. I’m currently 16, yes a young age, but not too young. I’m Participating in my high school plays to help me better with my acting. My Friend says that there is this acting school that helps you on the way of one day having your own television show to where you can get noticed from there and then start big in the movies and all that stuff. My dad doesn’t want to spend any money on my acting right now because he doesn’t think I’ll take it seriously, though that’s not true. I love acting with a passion. I just somehow need to let my family know that this is what i want for my life. i just need some tips. If you could please respond to this comment it would mean so much. Thanks 🙂
    – Alyson Ramos.

  29. Sarah

    Hi there!
    I just wanted to drop by and say that I absolutely love your blog! I am an aspiring actress myself, and everything that you post is so helpful! Also, a huge congratulations to you for becoming so successful! I’m looking forward to your future projects as well! I believe that as an actor gaining knowledge is extremely important, and all of the information that you post especially the links to celebrities’ auditions are always a continuing learning process!

    Thanks again!

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