My Art


3 responses to “My Art

  1. Brandi Drake

    wow these are absolutely amazing and quite beautiful and exotic even. i really can appreciate your artistic abilites.. keep up the good work and wthank you for the acting advice… im 17 and taking acting classes but i know ive REALLY gotta work for this. this has been my dream since i was 5 lol and i feel its been postponed way too long. well that was my little story. LOVE your work and look forward to seeing you on the big screen one day (: xoxo Brandi

  2. mikichick

    gorgeous drawings! you’re brilliant at acting, by the way. Its not a matter of if but when, concerning the take-off of your career.

    I mean it !


  3. Wauw, wat kun je mooi tekenen zeg! Ik zag dat je me volgde via twitter. Erg leuke blog ook over je avonturen om je droom te bereiken! Heel veel succes met alles!

    Liefs, Sharon

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