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7 responses to “Photos

  1. Yasmien

    Hey! I’m a fellow aspiring actress except I’m all the way in South Africa!
    I’m going to Juilliard auditions in January and am on the search for safe and affordable accomodation in New York City. I don’t really trust the internet when it comes to accommodation credibility, your help will be mush appreciated!

  2. luciana

    hello i really like your blog, i live in argentina, southamerica, tips for getting success in hollywood??? what do you think its a must have? talent or luck?? both? intelligence??? contacts?? can you tell me what do you think??
    thank you very much and good luck with your new job!!!!!


  3. eglantine

    Hey, i’ve just discovered ur blog! It’s amazing. I mean you’re following your dream. You have the guts to do it, never let that go.
    I’m 19 and i’ll love to follow my dream. But you know studies…
    Just never give up. You make me dream!

  4. Tatiana

    Hi, I loved your sencirity, that is very nice from you that you open up to other people and let them read what you are going throught! Could you please recomend me some great monologue? I searched all over the internet and did not find something very strong,emotional that i could really train myself by showing emotions. Thank you very much, I hope to get an advise about it, thank you!

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