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The New Actor’s Guide to the LA Jungle: Acting Classes

Indian Summer by Patrick DemarchelierWhen you move to Los Angeles, it’s kind of like moving to the jungle. There are scary creatures (plastic surgeried people), bulky bushmen (Muscle Beach much?), dangerous pathways (LA drivers are in a league of their own) and it’s hard to keep an overview of where to go and what to do.

Google is usually your friend but in this case I don’t recommend it. Try researching anything acting related in LA: acting classes, agents, headshot photographers… you’ll find thousands and thousands. Many of them are scams, just out for your money or just plainly not good. And it’s hard to find this out with the help of the Google lords, for trustworthy reviews are sparse.

But fear not, after my first month in LA I have garnered some very useful information that I hope will help you out. First order of business: getting acting skills! So I present to you here the first chapter of the New Actor’s Guide to the LA Jungle: Acting Classes… Continue reading


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Acting Report: Week 3 in Los Angeles

gabrielle kai typewriter It’s been 24 days since my arrival in the City of Angels. I’ve been riding my new bicycle all around town, sights seeing in Beverly Hills, hanging out at the beach resulting in the world’s ugliest tan and have enjoyed quite a few too-sweet-cocktails and too-fat-dinners in between.* Oh, and I’ve been to a Taylor Swift concert (with surprise performance by Justin Bieber!) for free in total VIP style.

But this is not a traveling journal, this is an acting blog! So let’s get to business shall we? Here’s a progress report on acting in Los Angeles in week t = 3… Continue reading


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Interview With a Working Actress

working actress interview Spotted the Working Actress link on the right side of this blog yet?

For some time now I’ve been following this blog of an anonymous lady, who very recently got her big break and is now starring in her own TV show. The beautiful thing is that when she started the blog she was not there yet. She was like us. So we literally get an exclusive look behind the curtains of what happens when you get your break, and it’s a fascinating read.

Right before I moved to LA myself, I thought I’d ask her for an interview. And even though she’s currently setting up a whole PR team, she kindly agreed. So continue reading for some advice from a real working actress in Hollywood! Continue reading


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Me Against the Monologues

Monologues. Every actor or actress will have to do them at one point. Especially if you want to audition for acting schools there’s no way around it. I was never any good at monologues. I never really quite knew what to do with them, how to make them interesting or “good.” I auditioned two times for the Theatre School in Amsterdam with a monologue, but without success. I told myself that it didn’t mean I sucked at acting. One of the most successful actresses my age in the Netherlands didn’t get through the

first round of auditions either after all. Maybe there was just a big difference between acting on film and theatre acting.

And there is. But despite all that I have to admit I just didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t take it seriously enough. Monologues scared me to death, to be honest. Standing there by yourself, acting off of nothing or off a camera with four people watching your every move? I can feel my hands get clammy already! But this week I finally beat the monologues… Continue reading


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