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Last Post From Amsterdam

Yvette-InufioWell, it’s time. Tomorrow I’m flying out to Los Angeles. Yesterday was my good bye party. Today I’m a mess. I should be superduper excited. This is what I’ve worked for the last year. This is what I’ve dreamt of my entire life…

But dreaming is different than doing. My dreams were very optimistic and selective. They didn’t include seeing my nearest and dearest crying because I’m leaving them, they didn’t include saying goodbye to them, they didn’t include me overseas missing the hell out of them.

So yes, today is hard. The last week has been hard. To everyone who is considering ever taking the same step as I, take all these thing into account. It will get very difficult near the end. I’m sure by this time next week, things will look much different though. And I can’t wait to experience it, and share the experiences with you.

Today is the end of an Era. See you in the next! Continue reading


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About An Actor: Annette Bening

Annette-Bening-Vanity-FairWho? Annette Bening

Type: Independent woman

First Noticeable Role: The Grifters

Breakthrough: The American President

Lucky Bitch or Ass-Off-Worker:  Annette is one of those common well trained actor success stories. When her parents moved from conservative Kansas to hippie California, Annette went from school plays to a theater degree from San Francisco State University to joining the American Conservatory Theater there to doing off off Broadway plays in New York to receiving a Tony award nomination… Continue reading

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About An Actor: Emma Stone

EmmaStonephotoshootWho? Emma Stone

Type: Goofy girl

First Noticeable Role: Superbad

Breakthrough: Easy A

Lucky Bitch or Ass-Off-Worker: Definitely a girl who took a lot of initiative on her own, but was lucky in the fact that she was supported by her parents.

Emma joined a local theater group at the young age of 11 in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, and performed in a dozen of productions with them. She was even home schooled for a while so she could tour around with them. Then, at age 15, the ever-sassy Emma made a Powerpoint presentation for her parents in which she tried to convince them to let her move to Los Angeles, Madonna’s Hollywood playing in the background… Continue reading


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New Weekly Column: About An Actor

CareyMulliganphotoshootAs a starting actress I look at news about famous actors in a different way. I wonder: How did they get their start? Did they work their ass off or were they just lucky?  Even though every actor has a different story and there is no formula for succes, there’s always something to take away from the biographies of working actors.

And because I suspect I’m not the only one who thinks that, I present to you the new “About an Actor” column  in which I will post a little background info and some of my observations about an actress/actor every Monday. If you share yours we can maybe build an understanding about what makes different actors special!

Up this week: Miss Carey Mulligan… Continue reading


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