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Family, Photos & Almost Famous Assholes

On Sunday the 5th of November I went to LAX, on my way to finally see my little sister again after three months. It would be the first and only visit from the homefront. As I got at the right terminal, it was all one ugly mess. LAX is never a pretty airport with nice reception halls but this time they were renovating on top of it. It was a mess, but at least they were clever about it. One sign read “I bet we finish our construction before you finish your screenplay.” Hehee. These are the times I realize I’m in a city unlike any other. The only city in the world were 90% of the population is in the same industry. But more on that later…

So as I saw people coming in the bagage area from a different location I asked them where they came from and I discovered it was the flight my sister was on. I ran in the direction where everyone was walking from and arrived at an escalator. And then I saw my sister. But something was amiss… Continue reading


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My First LA Audition & Agent Meeting!

skippy designsLast night I dreamt that I was celebrating the premiere of a short I did with a famous Dutch movie director and the crew at the place we shot the movie: Albert Heijn. And all I could think was: I need to get some red pesto, Dutch cheese and mozzarella to take back to LA. It’s odd how food has become intertwined with nostalgic feelings.

Anyway, end of random blurb. This week I had my first Los Angeles audition and meeting with an agent! And boy, are LA auditions different from those in the Netherlands… Continue reading


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15 Audition Tapes of Famous Actors

JessicaAlbaEllePhotoshoot Jessica Alba auditioning for the role of Agent 99 in Get Smart, which went to Anne Hathaway? Julia Roberts doing an unknown audition before she became Pretty Woman? A very young Natalie Portman auditioning for her breakthrough role as Mathilde in Leon: The Professional? Robert DeNiro auditioning for the role of Sonny Corleone in The Godfather?

I’ve always wanted to see audition tapes of famous actors, for many reasons. First, it’s really refreshing to see that the stars too, had (and have!) to stand in front of a 4 headed committee, unflattering light and everything, acting with a monotoning casting director. And second, it’s really educative! You see pure self-generated acting from the greats without props and sets and costars. You might also get an idea of what your audition tapes look like, and what does and doesn’t work.

So, instead of the weekly “About an Actor” I present to you here: 15 great (and not so great) audition tapes of famous actors… Continue reading


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What A Difference A Day Makes

  Yesterday I was completely fed up. I hadn’t heard from the college I applied for yet, making it less and less likely that I would get accepted in time to arrange visa. I was also stressed out because I had recently been rejected for an audition and didn’t have any interesting, new auditions lined up yet. Then almost all my friends

cancelled last minute for a clothing trade party I had organized and hadjust done about $30 worth of groceries for. To make matters more pleasant, I received an e-mail from the college notifying me that the documents I sent to prove my English proficiency weren’t correct and that I had to send new ones before June 20. Which was impossible. Unless I could figure out a way to teleport them or something.

Doom scenario’s started to form: I had given up my apartment and pretty much my whole life for about a year by working an office job to save up money, only to be rejected by the college. And then I went on to think that even if I did go to Los Angeles, I would probably not achieve anything there and I would die depressed in Holland, never having achieved my dreams, dogs eating away at me all Bridget Jones opening monologue like. But then it turned Friday (don’t get that Rebecca Black song in your head now!)… Continue reading


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And then, suddenly, I saw myself on TV!

So, the last weeks have been quiet on this blog. Why? Well, unfortunately there just wasn’t much to talk about besides a bunch of rejections. For example I could have been this girl on the left or one of these girls (remember my audition with boxing gloves?) and have become effortlessly rich…Also, I was super stressed about arranging the mountain of work required

for my move to LA, and generally just was a moody knobhead. And I like to keep this blog a positive one…

Which brings us to last night! Remember the story I wrote about my first time on set for a my first TV role? It was a little bit of a frustrating experience at the time as it was very cold and wet and as a newbie I just felt uncomfortable being on set. I also didn’t quite know how to behave like a professional.

Luckily for me I got a chance to redeem myself when there was an extra shooting day months later in the superior court of Amsterdam! I got to be in actual holding cells and courts where the biggest criminals have sat and I got to see my nice co-star again who kind of had gotten her break-out job in the time in between. So I was just very happy to be able to end the experience on a positive note. Yesterday the first episode aired, which I wasn’t in, but look what happened… Continue reading


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Me Against the Monologues

Monologues. Every actor or actress will have to do them at one point. Especially if you want to audition for acting schools there’s no way around it. I was never any good at monologues. I never really quite knew what to do with them, how to make them interesting or “good.” I auditioned two times for the Theatre School in Amsterdam with a monologue, but without success. I told myself that it didn’t mean I sucked at acting. One of the most successful actresses my age in the Netherlands didn’t get through the

first round of auditions either after all. Maybe there was just a big difference between acting on film and theatre acting.

And there is. But despite all that I have to admit I just didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t take it seriously enough. Monologues scared me to death, to be honest. Standing there by yourself, acting off of nothing or off a camera with four people watching your every move? I can feel my hands get clammy already! But this week I finally beat the monologues… Continue reading


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Realizing Your Dreams: Three Dont’s

“Learn from your mistakes,” wise people say. “Learn from the mistakes of others” even wiser people say. “Do both!” I say, because at 22 I’m obviously wisest! In an seriousness though: it takes time to make and recognize mistakes and not all mistakes are reversible. I’ve made quite some mistakes while pursuing my dream to become an actress. That’s why I want to share these little pieces of advice with you.

Here are three don’ts when you’re trying to realize your dream… Continue reading


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