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The Oscars, The Movies & Me

skippy designsLast Sunday it was Oscar slash Academy Awards time again, or as Billy Crystal said it: millionaires handing each other golden statues in a time of recession. I personally think the Oscars have been very boring the last few years. Safe jokes, presenters who aren’t comedians…And to make it worse: this year didn’t even have stunning dresses or fresh new faces!

Not that it matters. It still is and always will be the ultimate dream for any actor, including myself, to win one of those shiny naked men. See the proof in the picture above, where I hold my very first Oscar at age 11.  This particular one was made by my mother and uncle for the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas. I received my last Oscar only a month ago, the Oscar for Best Girlfriend, left by my boyfriend after he departed LA. Because despite the decent dullness, there’s always one thing the Academy Awards Show succeeds in… Continue reading


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And the Oscar goes tooo..

There’s the Nobel Prize for Scientists, the Pulitzer prize for writers, the Grammy for recording artists and the Academy Awards, a.k.a. the Oscars, for actors. So how can I not write about this Sunday’s 83rd Academy Awards Ceremony?!  While the nominees are training off their last pounds, their stylists stalking the Oscar organization to check if no one else is wearing that yellow dress I’m happily enjoying this event from my little room in Amsterdam.

Not that I wouldn’t prefer to be picking a stunning dress from about 50 that a stylist rolled in, preparing to go to the ceremony as nominee. I’d even happily take the ridiculous nervousness that they must feel. Winning an Oscar is every actor’s dream, isn’t it? But even for closeted, starting or unsuccessful actors this event is worth watching. Because amidst all the hysteria and crocodile tears there are almost always heartfelt small-town-person-with-big-dreams and I-struggled-and-slept-in-cars speeches. And those remind us that the nominees too, were once like us and that we too, can make it.

So here are my Oscar favorites and predictions…

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