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My Acting Christmas Wish List

skippy designsIt’s that time of the year where I daydream of all the things I would buy if I were a successful actress… As if! I daydream about that all the time. To be precise: every night before sleeping, Somewhere Only We Know by Keane playing on my iPod as a soundtrack to my happy mind-movie. But those daydreams always include the extreme: fairytale like designer dresses, Oscars, my family close to me in a house in the LA Hills…

I do have a more realistic wish list though, and according to scientists that’s extremely healthy… Continue reading


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Have a Gleeful Christmas!

In between playing in the snow, Christmas shopping, working, slipping on the ice-covered streets in Amsterdam and preparing for my coming trip to Los Angeles I probably won’t have time to start writing about the third time I went to Tinseltown. But I still want to wish you all a…

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