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What A Difference A Day Makes

  Yesterday I was completely fed up. I hadn’t heard from the college I applied for yet, making it less and less likely that I would get accepted in time to arrange visa. I was also stressed out because I had recently been rejected for an audition and didn’t have any interesting, new auditions lined up yet. Then almost all my friends

cancelled last minute for a clothing trade party I had organized and hadjust done about $30 worth of groceries for. To make matters more pleasant, I received an e-mail from the college notifying me that the documents I sent to prove my English proficiency weren’t correct and that I had to send new ones before June 20. Which was impossible. Unless I could figure out a way to teleport them or something.

Doom scenario’s started to form: I had given up my apartment and pretty much my whole life for about a year by working an office job to save up money, only to be rejected by the college. And then I went on to think that even if I did go to Los Angeles, I would probably not achieve anything there and I would die depressed in Holland, never having achieved my dreams, dogs eating away at me all Bridget Jones opening monologue like. But then it turned Friday (don’t get that Rebecca Black song in your head now!)… Continue reading


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Yard Sale a.k.a. Help the LA Fund!

It’s now June, and my move to Los Angeles is getting more and more real every day. My days in my Amsterdam apartment are counted, and tons of stuff needs to be arranged: storage for my furniture, canceling my internet and phone contracts, health insurance stuff, visa procedures… In three weeks I’ll have to leave my precious city and will be living with my parents again. It’s a strange thing. At the moment it feels like I’m taking a step backwards

instead of forwards, but maybe that’s just because I don’t really have anything settled yet. I don’t have a confirmation of acceptance from the college I want to enroll in yet, I haven’t booked a one-way ticket yet… I really only have a plan, and lots of hopes and dreams.

But, while waiting for the college reply, I haven’t been sitting still. I may not be able to start any definitive moving work yet, but I’ve been doing some cleaning to prepare for moving out. And when I say cleaning, I mean deep, intense, time consuming cleaning. Gave-me-aching-muscles-for-days cleaning, throwing-out-junk-I-love-but-really-don’t-need cleaning. Not even my wardrobe was spared, because unfortunately I can’t possibly take all my clothes with me to LA. A selection had to be made, and therefore I bring you this… Continue reading


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