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Family, Photos & Almost Famous Assholes

On Sunday the 5th of November I went to LAX, on my way to finally see my little sister again after three months. It would be the first and only visit from the homefront. As I got at the right terminal, it was all one ugly mess. LAX is never a pretty airport with nice reception halls but this time they were renovating on top of it. It was a mess, but at least they were clever about it. One sign read “I bet we finish our construction before you finish your screenplay.” Hehee. These are the times I realize I’m in a city unlike any other. The only city in the world were 90% of the population is in the same industry. But more on that later…

So as I saw people coming in the bagage area from a different location I asked them where they came from and I discovered it was the flight my sister was on. I ran in the direction where everyone was walking from and arrived at an escalator. And then I saw my sister. But something was amiss… Continue reading


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Auditions Anonymous

If there’s one thing you can’t skip on your way to becoming an actress it’s auditions. On one hand you have the glamourous movies with beautiful sets and costumes, and on the other there’s the small, Spartan casting room with the handheld camera on a tripod and four people behind a table next to it. One one hand there’s the hired actress in hair and make-up, acting with a co-star in well thought out lighting, and on the other there’s the auditioning actress, introducing herself on-camera while

holding a piece of paper with her name and number on it in TL light.

Auditions are, to say the least, humbling. And sometimes just plain silly, like the audition I had today… Continue reading


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