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Back in The Saddle!

skippy designsMy little meltdown last week, after hearing the O1 visa plan fell through and I had to return to the Netherlands within a month, has officially ended. It was a weird period. My school had ended, I had no more money for acting classes, my boyfriend had just left… so I had nothing to do and nobody around. And then I got sinusitis and was sick for the whole week. At times I was afraid I might go looney. Or become a zombie.

But then I got so much love out of the most unexpected corners: old colleagues, people I’d only met once who are mainly Facebook friends…But most and foremost: my blog readers! I received so many elaborate, sweet, encouraging comments and e-mails. Really guys, I can’t tell you how awesome that felt!

So I’ve gotten back on the saddle, which is like home for a Dutch girl anyway, and took action! Continue reading


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Live from Los Angeles: A Video Message!


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The New (Non-Wealthy) Actor’s Guide to LA: Finances

piggy bankI get a lot of questions about how the floosh I’m affording this move to Los Angeles. I guess people are hoping to hear a magical answer that will help them to move to LA, too. I wish there was one! The truth is, as most of you already know: I worked full-time for about a year and saved up a lot of money to be where I am now.

Unless you’re decently rich or have a sweet sugar daddy, moving to Los Angeles is going to take quite a bit of planning and mostly: saving. So how much do things cost exactly over here in LaLaLand? How much money do you need to have piggy banked approximately? Continue reading


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Help Me Choose a Headshot!

I’m not sure I mentioned it yet, but this summer I will move my Dutch cheese and tulips self to Los Angeles. If all goes well of course. Fingers crossed. If my last trips to Tinseltown taught me anything, it’s that just getting a response from an agent takes at least a month. And since, for now, I can only stay there a limited time I want to do as much work as possible in advance. So I

soon need to go and send out fresh, new headshots to agents by e-mail. Not really the way it’s done, but from Holland it’s kind of the only thing I can do, and I got responses the last time I did it.

So a couple of weeks ago my darling friend and talented portait photographer Nadi took some shots of me that I could use as headshots. But then the trouble started: I had to make a selection. And I am so indecisive, I even get seriously conflicted deciding what to take at MacDonalds. I mean, back in the day I would have just picked the headshots where my eyebrows looked best and my nose smallest and my lips fullest.

But remember the last time I got a meeting with a Hollywood agent? While I thought I got that through my far reaching connections, when I met the lady she said was unaware of that and chose me solely on the basis of one photo. This one… Continue reading


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