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Important Message: Moving Notice!

Dear blog readers and subscribers,  I have decided to move my website to it’s own domain at http://www.starsintheeyesblog.com/ and hope you will all join the party! If you are a subscriber, please be aware that you will soon receive an e-mail where you’ll need to re-confirm your e-mail address in order to stay subscriber at the new website! Hope to see you on the other site!

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Gypsy on TV

Well, guess what? I won the voting competition and am still in the TV show Who’s in Who’s Out! So thanks to everyone that voted, I’m still in acting heaven, filming episodes every Saturday till Monday! I really didn’t expect to win, since my competition was a talented stud with a large group of infatuated girls as fans. But I guess I had underestimated the enthusiasm of my family, friends and blog readers! I particularly suspect I have my mom to thank. She has  a lot of colleagues, you know…

So, all is fantastic on the acting front, I’m really super happy whenever on set. It’s whenever I am off-set (some call it real life) that things are, well, messy… Continue reading


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15 Seconds of Fame

The last few weeks have been interesting and great in many ways. For the first time in my life, I got a real taste of what life as a working actress is like. Being on set three weeks in a row, recording songs, rehearsing, working with call sheets, wondering about ratings…And, because of the format of the TV show – where winners of roles get some publicity- I got a tiny little taste of fame too.

All these experiences have brought some important insights to me. And some quite unexpected ones… Continue reading


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In Holland, On Set, All Happy

skippy designsWow, this week has felt like three months. Sunday the 22nd of January 3PM Pacific Time I saw that I won a role in the Dutch TV show Who’s in Who’s Out. I didn’t quite believe it yet until a couple hours later I received a phone call from the director that indeed, I had won. Also, that I had to be in Amsterdam by Wednesday morning to record songs for the show in a studio. You see, the series features singing and dancing. It’s kind of like Fame, but different. Dutch, mostly.

Minutes after, I started packing like crazy and Monday, 6AM Pacific Time I was at LAX airport.  Tuesday 8AM Central European Time I was in Amsterdam. Wednesday and Thursday I was in the studio, Friday I was doing table reads, and Saturday through Monday I was on set filming my first episode. It’s been a crazy week. But crazy good… Continue reading


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A Post of Joy: I Got The Part!

After a period of solely bad news, sickness and sad blog posts, the tide has turned. I hate to fall into cheesy clichés but, you know…every cloud has silver lining. And to throw in a Dutch saying as well: after rain comes sunshine! Because you know what? I GOT THE PART IN THE DUTCH TV SHOW! See the official announcement here!

And I have no one to thank but my wonderful army of voters; my friends, family, blog readers, twitter followers….Thank you so, so much! The competition was fierce and there were some amazing contestants. I’ll just have to do my utmost to be worthy winner!

So lots of things are going to change now. Let’s continue with the clichés: Life is what happens when you make plans…  Continue reading


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Back in The Saddle!

skippy designsMy little meltdown last week, after hearing the O1 visa plan fell through and I had to return to the Netherlands within a month, has officially ended. It was a weird period. My school had ended, I had no more money for acting classes, my boyfriend had just left… so I had nothing to do and nobody around. And then I got sinusitis and was sick for the whole week. At times I was afraid I might go looney. Or become a zombie.

But then I got so much love out of the most unexpected corners: old colleagues, people I’d only met once who are mainly Facebook friends…But most and foremost: my blog readers! I received so many elaborate, sweet, encouraging comments and e-mails. Really guys, I can’t tell you how awesome that felt!

So I’ve gotten back on the saddle, which is like home for a Dutch girl anyway, and took action! Continue reading


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Goodbye LA?

The last few days have been, to say the least, terrible. My boyfriend left this morning, there’s no sunshine in LA today and worst of all: The O1 visa plan fell through.

So all those worries, all that work, all that hope, it was all for nothing.

When I got here I didn’t expect to find an agent, and even less to find a way to a work visa. A couple of months ago I was even making peace with having to return to the Netherlands again. I was preparing for it. But then, when I found a lawyer that was confident I could get an O1 visa, and an agent that was willing to sponsor me, I was in the clouds. I felt so close to starting my dream… Continue reading


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