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Back in The Saddle!

skippy designsMy little meltdown last week, after hearing the O1 visa plan fell through and I had to return to the Netherlands within a month, has officially ended. It was a weird period. My school had ended, I had no more money for acting classes, my boyfriend had just left… so I had nothing to do and nobody around. And then I got sinusitis and was sick for the whole week. At times I was afraid I might go looney. Or become a zombie.

But then I got so much love out of the most unexpected corners: old colleagues, people I’d only met once who are mainly Facebook friends…But most and foremost: my blog readers! I received so many elaborate, sweet, encouraging comments and e-mails. Really guys, I can’t tell you how awesome that felt!

So I’ve gotten back on the saddle, which is like home for a Dutch girl anyway, and took action! Continue reading


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Goodbye LA?

The last few days have been, to say the least, terrible. My boyfriend left this morning, there’s no sunshine in LA today and worst of all: The O1 visa plan fell through.

So all those worries, all that work, all that hope, it was all for nothing.

When I got here I didn’t expect to find an agent, and even less to find a way to a work visa. A couple of months ago I was even making peace with having to return to the Netherlands again. I was preparing for it. But then, when I found a lawyer that was confident I could get an O1 visa, and an agent that was willing to sponsor me, I was in the clouds. I felt so close to starting my dream… Continue reading


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Heart, Hard, Holland & Happiness

First things first: Happy twenty twelve everyone! Hope you all made it through the night with all your fingers intact and stars in the eyes of all the amazing fireworks. I myself, spent New Years’ Eve in Las Vegas with my boyfriend, staying up till 11am because we didn’t book a hotel that night and then sleeping the day away to end it with some unsuccessful gambling and an amazing Cirque de Soleil show.

I really have been in a big bubble of escapism these last weeks; traveling and sightseeing from dusk til dawn, spending money like a heiress, and avoiding all real life matters. But now it’s 2012, the holidays are over, and some tough, all-encompassing life decisions are waiting to be made. And that isn’t easy… Continue reading


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My Acting Christmas Wish List

skippy designsIt’s that time of the year where I daydream of all the things I would buy if I were a successful actress… As if! I daydream about that all the time. To be precise: every night before sleeping, Somewhere Only We Know by Keane playing on my iPod as a soundtrack to my happy mind-movie. But those daydreams always include the extreme: fairytale like designer dresses, Oscars, my family close to me in a house in the LA Hills…

I do have a more realistic wish list though, and according to scientists that’s extremely healthy… Continue reading


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O My God, Overwhelming O1 Visa News!

When I came to Los Angeles about 4 months ago, all I focussed on was getting an agent, getting headshots, getting training…Then I got a meeting with a agent, and she said quite clearly: focus on something else, because without a work permit it’s all no use.

So I made getting a visa a priority; talked to people, Googled immigration lawyers, had lunch with foreigners that live in LA, spent hours on the USCIS website and so on. For months I was just lost in a maze of the many visa possibilities and requirements for them. Which ultimately proved the possibilities were extremely limited. I had spoken to a few immigration lawyers and they all thought they couldn’t do anything for me. So I started saying goodbye to LA in my mind already and reluctantly made plans for a return to the Netherlands. Until today… Continue reading


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Family, Photos & Almost Famous Assholes

On Sunday the 5th of November I went to LAX, on my way to finally see my little sister again after three months. It would be the first and only visit from the homefront. As I got at the right terminal, it was all one ugly mess. LAX is never a pretty airport with nice reception halls but this time they were renovating on top of it. It was a mess, but at least they were clever about it. One sign read “I bet we finish our construction before you finish your screenplay.” Hehee. These are the times I realize I’m in a city unlike any other. The only city in the world were 90% of the population is in the same industry. But more on that later…

So as I saw people coming in the bagage area from a different location I asked them where they came from and I discovered it was the flight my sister was on. I ran in the direction where everyone was walking from and arrived at an escalator. And then I saw my sister. But something was amiss… Continue reading


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My First LA Audition & Agent Meeting!

skippy designsLast night I dreamt that I was celebrating the premiere of a short I did with a famous Dutch movie director and the crew at the place we shot the movie: Albert Heijn. And all I could think was: I need to get some red pesto, Dutch cheese and mozzarella to take back to LA. It’s odd how food has become intertwined with nostalgic feelings.

Anyway, end of random blurb. This week I had my first Los Angeles audition and meeting with an agent! And boy, are LA auditions different from those in the Netherlands… Continue reading


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