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My Day to Day as a Foreign Actress in LA

Bountiful store @ Abbot Kinney Blvd.As I am typing this, there is a four month old mini human being sleeping in front of me, thanks to my feeble first time get-a-crying-baby-to-sleep efforts. There is a 3 year old energy sucking cutie sleeping in another room. A ceiling fan and a stand-up fan are delivering the only audible sounds on this warm winter night in the City of Angels.

Like any other since my arrival here, this week has been filled with bizarre ups, occasional downs and an important lesson for anyone who will ever move to a strange city all by themselves. Oh, and I also squeezed in a tale about Venice’s beacon of eyecandy: Abott Kinney Blvd. Photos included!

So, here’s a little peak in my daily LA life…I couldn’t have pitched that any more boring could I?

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