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My New Showreel!

Without much further ado, here’s my new showreel…Would love to hear your feedback!



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15 Seconds of Fame

The last few weeks have been interesting and great in many ways. For the first time in my life, I got a real taste of what life as a working actress is like. Being on set three weeks in a row, recording songs, rehearsing, working with call sheets, wondering about ratings…And, because of the format of the TV show – where winners of roles get some publicity- I got a tiny little taste of fame too.

All these experiences have brought some important insights to me. And some quite unexpected ones… Continue reading


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My First Episode!

skippy designsHi all! Thanks to all of your votes I got to star in two episodes of the Dutch TV show Who’s in Who’s Out as the at first sight seemingly bitchy Maria, and I had the time of my life. Cycling through the snow, freezing my butt off, I all did it with a joy that nearly made me break out in a “I’m siiiiinging in the snow!” My first episode aired yesterday, go check it out here: http://wiwo.bnn.nl/aflevering/5

Now that we wrapped filming my second episode however, it’s up to you guys wether I stay for more episodes or not! Voting is much simpler this time, but I do have to compete with an actor that has already won twice before, so I need your help! Pretty-please-with-Nutella-on-top vote, instructions are below. And a little making of video too! Continue reading


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In Holland, On Set, All Happy

skippy designsWow, this week has felt like three months. Sunday the 22nd of January 3PM Pacific Time I saw that I won a role in the Dutch TV show Who’s in Who’s Out. I didn’t quite believe it yet until a couple hours later I received a phone call from the director that indeed, I had won. Also, that I had to be in Amsterdam by Wednesday morning to record songs for the show in a studio. You see, the series features singing and dancing. It’s kind of like Fame, but different. Dutch, mostly.

Minutes after, I started packing like crazy and Monday, 6AM Pacific Time I was at LAX airport.  Tuesday 8AM Central European Time I was in Amsterdam. Wednesday and Thursday I was in the studio, Friday I was doing table reads, and Saturday through Monday I was on set filming my first episode. It’s been a crazy week. But crazy good… Continue reading


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And then, suddenly, I saw myself on TV!

So, the last weeks have been quiet on this blog. Why? Well, unfortunately there just wasn’t much to talk about besides a bunch of rejections. For example I could have been this girl on the left or one of these girls (remember my audition with boxing gloves?) and have become effortlessly rich…Also, I was super stressed about arranging the mountain of work required

for my move to LA, and generally just was a moody knobhead. And I like to keep this blog a positive one…

Which brings us to last night! Remember the story I wrote about my first time on set for a my first TV role? It was a little bit of a frustrating experience at the time as it was very cold and wet and as a newbie I just felt uncomfortable being on set. I also didn’t quite know how to behave like a professional.

Luckily for me I got a chance to redeem myself when there was an extra shooting day months later in the superior court of Amsterdam! I got to be in actual holding cells and courts where the biggest criminals have sat and I got to see my nice co-star again who kind of had gotten her break-out job in the time in between. So I was just very happy to be able to end the experience on a positive note. Yesterday the first episode aired, which I wasn’t in, but look what happened… Continue reading


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Shorts: The Way To a Long Acting Career

I can be short about shorts: every starting actor has do them. Unless you were a child star or had your breakthrough in the very first project you did. In that case good for you! But if not: join the club. Shorts, and particularly student shorts, are the way to get experience and build a showreel without having done professional acting before. I just got home from the set of a short, and although it was no-budget and unglamorous I would still like to spill some words on shorts, hopefully helping your acting career while at it!

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My First TV Role, Appearance on the News & Premiere

Sunday 12.30PM: As I’m writing this (first draft on paper) I’m standing on set: in the rain, freezing my butt off. Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted to be able to say that. The being on set part, freezing your ass off is a daily thing here in Holland. I dreamt that I would have to miss class and that my teacher would say to my classmates that I wasn’t present because I was on set. It’s not the first time I’m on set though. But it is the first time I’m on set for a TV program. Uh-huh, I scored my first TV role! And boy, it all went fast. Just as I was starting to think “Gee I need an audition soon, I’m getting impatient” my obnoxious, too-loud ringtone brightened everyone’s day at the office with a heart attack. It was an audition call, would I like to audition for a TV role? But of course I wanted that! The next day I was on an audition, the morning after I got the callback, the day after I dyed my hair for the role and the day after that here I am: the first day of shooting.

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