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In Holland, On Set, All Happy

skippy designsWow, this week has felt like three months. Sunday the 22nd of January 3PM Pacific Time I saw that I won a role in the Dutch TV show Who’s in Who’s Out. I didn’t quite believe it yet until a couple hours later I received a phone call from the director that indeed, I had won. Also, that I had to be in Amsterdam by Wednesday morning to record songs for the show in a studio. You see, the series features singing and dancing. It’s kind of like Fame, but different. Dutch, mostly.

Minutes after, I started packing like crazy and Monday, 6AM Pacific Time I was at LAX airport.  Tuesday 8AM Central European Time I was in Amsterdam. Wednesday and Thursday I was in the studio, Friday I was doing table reads, and Saturday through Monday I was on set filming my first episode. It’s been a crazy week. But crazy good… Continue reading


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Family, Photos & Almost Famous Assholes

On Sunday the 5th of November I went to LAX, on my way to finally see my little sister again after three months. It would be the first and only visit from the homefront. As I got at the right terminal, it was all one ugly mess. LAX is never a pretty airport with nice reception halls but this time they were renovating on top of it. It was a mess, but at least they were clever about it. One sign read “I bet we finish our construction before you finish your screenplay.” Hehee. These are the times I realize I’m in a city unlike any other. The only city in the world were 90% of the population is in the same industry. But more on that later…

So as I saw people coming in the bagage area from a different location I asked them where they came from and I discovered it was the flight my sister was on. I ran in the direction where everyone was walking from and arrived at an escalator. And then I saw my sister. But something was amiss… Continue reading


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The Importance of a Desk, Agent Meetings and Other Wonderful Things

Yvette-InufioHello all! It is live from heaven that I address you today. Yup! I have finally moved in to a new apartment. An apartment where I have my own bedroom, bathroom, living room…Where there is a piano, a guitar, a backyard with lemon trees and squirrels, a water filter on the faucet so I don’t have to carry around gallons of water from the supermarket anymore and last but absolutely not least: a desk.

And that desk has lead to not only a meeting with an agent next week and possible representation with another one, it has started my acting career! Before you think the California sun has gone to my head, let me explain… Continue reading


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My Day to Day as a Foreign Actress in LA

Bountiful store @ Abbot Kinney Blvd.As I am typing this, there is a four month old mini human being sleeping in front of me, thanks to my feeble first time get-a-crying-baby-to-sleep efforts. There is a 3 year old energy sucking cutie sleeping in another room. A ceiling fan and a stand-up fan are delivering the only audible sounds on this warm winter night in the City of Angels.

Like any other since my arrival here, this week has been filled with bizarre ups, occasional downs and an important lesson for anyone who will ever move to a strange city all by themselves. Oh, and I also squeezed in a tale about Venice’s beacon of eyecandy: Abott Kinney Blvd. Photos included!

So, here’s a little peak in my daily LA life…I couldn’t have pitched that any more boring could I?

Continue reading


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The New Actor’s Guide to the LA Jungle: Acting Classes

Indian Summer by Patrick DemarchelierWhen you move to Los Angeles, it’s kind of like moving to the jungle. There are scary creatures (plastic surgeried people), bulky bushmen (Muscle Beach much?), dangerous pathways (LA drivers are in a league of their own) and it’s hard to keep an overview of where to go and what to do.

Google is usually your friend but in this case I don’t recommend it. Try researching anything acting related in LA: acting classes, agents, headshot photographers… you’ll find thousands and thousands. Many of them are scams, just out for your money or just plainly not good. And it’s hard to find this out with the help of the Google lords, for trustworthy reviews are sparse.

But fear not, after my first month in LA I have garnered some very useful information that I hope will help you out. First order of business: getting acting skills! So I present to you here the first chapter of the New Actor’s Guide to the LA Jungle: Acting Classes… Continue reading


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Getting Used to the American Way of Life

mommymakes Congratulations to myself! Besides that it’s my birthday in two days, I now have an apartment in Los Angeles, a California phone number, a new phone, a school schedule and two American bank accounts. Why two? Because I have too much money for just one, of course. Or because I signed on with Bank of America but changed my mind the next day.

Mere days ago I was still staying with a friend, I had a prehistoric Dutch phone, no American telephone number or bank account and no school schedule made. What a difference 5 days make!

But it’s only the beginning of the road… Continue reading


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First Days in Los Angeles: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

sixthandmain I am in LA! Yes, it has actually happened! After my first flight was cancelled, leaving me absolutely mortified, I have set foot in Tinseltown. And the last couple of days I’ve been constantly thinking: I need to blog, I need to update! But I’ve been so absolutely swamped with arranging things (okay, and also a very cool trip) that I literally haven’t found the time until now.

The last few days have been marked by ups and downs. They say that the first stage of culture shock is a Honeymoon period where everything is new and amazing, but I guess since I have been here three times already I skipped that. I went right to the next stage… Continue reading


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