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On Confidence in Acting

Once upon a time was a Dutch soap star, who was extremely attractive in a Megan Fox kind of way. Her acting skills were never talked about, since most of what the girl was known for was the rich people she dated. This was a reason for many to dislike her. And after she married a very wealthy pro soccer player that dislike turned into hate. I never participated in this, since I don’t do the hate-a-girl-because-she’s-prettier-than-you thing. I actually really like Megan Fox. And I also like to believe this girl married out of true love.

Then, after years of the now very wealthy girl just doing presenting gigs, news broke that CAA a.k.a. one of the biggest agencies in Los Angeles, approached her to sign her. I was slightly puzzled by this, as she was not famous anywhere else but Holland and wasn’t that serious about acting, but then I guess the world is different for Megan Fox like hotties. My doubt was shared with media outlets however, some going as far as to call CAA and finding out they did not know about her. This somehow made me feel better. After all, the world couldn’t be that unfair, could it? Just giving wonderful acting chances to people who aren’t that passionate about it. Well, the story goes on… Continue reading


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The Oscars, The Movies & Me

skippy designsLast Sunday it was Oscar slash Academy Awards time again, or as Billy Crystal said it: millionaires handing each other golden statues in a time of recession. I personally think the Oscars have been very boring the last few years. Safe jokes, presenters who aren’t comedians…And to make it worse: this year didn’t even have stunning dresses or fresh new faces!

Not that it matters. It still is and always will be the ultimate dream for any actor, including myself, to win one of those shiny naked men. See the proof in the picture above, where I hold my very first Oscar at age 11.  This particular one was made by my mother and uncle for the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas. I received my last Oscar only a month ago, the Oscar for Best Girlfriend, left by my boyfriend after he departed LA. Because despite the decent dullness, there’s always one thing the Academy Awards Show succeeds in… Continue reading


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My Acting Christmas Wish List

skippy designsIt’s that time of the year where I daydream of all the things I would buy if I were a successful actress… As if! I daydream about that all the time. To be precise: every night before sleeping, Somewhere Only We Know by Keane playing on my iPod as a soundtrack to my happy mind-movie. But those daydreams always include the extreme: fairytale like designer dresses, Oscars, my family close to me in a house in the LA Hills…

I do have a more realistic wish list though, and according to scientists that’s extremely healthy… Continue reading


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One Year of Blogging Anniversary!

 sixthandmain On October 3 2010 at 6PM I posted the very first entry to this blog. Out into nowhere, no idea if anyone was ever going to read it. I didn’t really want to start blogging, felt like it was a dirty thing and felt super self conscious about it. I thought it was just for housewives who wanted to chronicle the lives of their cats. A post-modern phenomenon for people who felt their everyday thoughts and behavior were worth writing about.

But I had so much to share! I was about to start working full-time and work towards my LA adventure and couldn’t imagine there weren’t others wondering and dreaming about the same things as I was. So here we are, one year later. And in one year, what has changed? Continue reading


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The People versus the Aspiring Actor

girl-in-front-of-giant-stride“And, have you been discovered yet?” “Oh, you’re moving to LA? So you’re gonna be a big movie star?” These are just a couple of the things I’ve been “asked” by people around me when something about my dream to become an actress came up. It always stings. Puts a little kick in my gut.

It’s part of leading a life that not many people know, understand or choose. So with these questions I, and any other actor, will have to learn to deal. Along with many other things that are hard to explain to outsiders. So how do you deal with it? Do you give a full exposé on the intricacies of the film industry or do you leave it be? Here is what works best for me… Continue reading


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Why Fear is A Good Thing

All my possessions are fitted into boxes and stored away on a farm. I have moved out of my apartment. I am in the visa procedure. I’m organizing my goodbye party…Moving to Los Angeles is not a plan anymore, it’s becoming more real every day. And for some reason my excitement is overshadowed by something. I mean, I

have no doubts about going. I’m happy to leave my job behind, I’m happy to go somewhere sunny and I’m ecstatic that I will finally get to work on my dream and don’t have to carry that rushed, uneasy feeling that I’m not where I should be every day.

About Fear
But big changes are scary, the unknown is scary. And although taking this big step is my own choice, I too find it scary. I will have to leave behind things I’ve become used to and value, like my social life and riding my bike near the canals of Amsterdam. I will have to miss my family, my boyfriend, my friends… Thinking about saying goodbye to them at the airport just makes me want to run away from it all. The last months I have been in a bubble of stress and fear. But one of my friends, The To, said this beautiful thing the other day. Or Skypetyped it rather: Continue reading


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Realizing Your Dreams: Three Dont’s

“Learn from your mistakes,” wise people say. “Learn from the mistakes of others” even wiser people say. “Do both!” I say, because at 22 I’m obviously wisest! In an seriousness though: it takes time to make and recognize mistakes and not all mistakes are reversible. I’ve made quite some mistakes while pursuing my dream to become an actress. That’s why I want to share these little pieces of advice with you.

Here are three don’ts when you’re trying to realize your dream… Continue reading


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