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Showing My Showreel!

sixthandmain First things first: I GOT MY VISA APPROVAL! I had to wait 3 hours for a 3 minute conversation in which I had to show no documentation, despite a whole laundry list that they require you to take with you, but let’s forget about that. My visa should be in my mailbox within a couple of days, and that’s what counts! Oh, and guess who was also waiting for his visa in the 10 by 10 meters visa waiting room? René Mioch (a.k.a. biggest film journalist of the Netherlands). That’s got to be a sign right?

In other news, I’ve finally finalized the final edition of my showreel, and would very much like to hear your thoughts on the fine-ness of it! What’s good? What’s bad? Any scenes I should cut out? Feel free to be honest! Here it is… Continue reading


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