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Goodbye LA?

The last few days have been, to say the least, terrible. My boyfriend left this morning, there’s no sunshine in LA today and worst of all: The O1 visa plan fell through.

So all those worries, all that work, all that hope, it was all for nothing.

When I got here I didn’t expect to find an agent, and even less to find a way to a work visa. A couple of months ago I was even making peace with having to return to the Netherlands again. I was preparing for it. But then, when I found a lawyer that was confident I could get an O1 visa, and an agent that was willing to sponsor me, I was in the clouds. I felt so close to starting my dream… Continue reading


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Heart, Hard, Holland & Happiness

First things first: Happy twenty twelve everyone! Hope you all made it through the night with all your fingers intact and stars in the eyes of all the amazing fireworks. I myself, spent New Years’ Eve in Las Vegas with my boyfriend, staying up till 11am because we didn’t book a hotel that night and then sleeping the day away to end it with some unsuccessful gambling and an amazing Cirque de Soleil show.

I really have been in a big bubble of escapism these last weeks; traveling and sightseeing from dusk til dawn, spending money like a heiress, and avoiding all real life matters. But now it’s 2012, the holidays are over, and some tough, all-encompassing life decisions are waiting to be made. And that isn’t easy… Continue reading


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The New (Non-Wealthy) Actor’s Guide to LA: Finances

piggy bankI get a lot of questions about how the floosh I’m affording this move to Los Angeles. I guess people are hoping to hear a magical answer that will help them to move to LA, too. I wish there was one! The truth is, as most of you already know: I worked full-time for about a year and saved up a lot of money to be where I am now.

Unless you’re decently rich or have a sweet sugar daddy, moving to Los Angeles is going to take quite a bit of planning and mostly: saving. So how much do things cost exactly over here in LaLaLand? How much money do you need to have piggy banked approximately? Continue reading


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The New Actor’s Guide to the LA Jungle: Acting Classes

Indian Summer by Patrick DemarchelierWhen you move to Los Angeles, it’s kind of like moving to the jungle. There are scary creatures (plastic surgeried people), bulky bushmen (Muscle Beach much?), dangerous pathways (LA drivers are in a league of their own) and it’s hard to keep an overview of where to go and what to do.

Google is usually your friend but in this case I don’t recommend it. Try researching anything acting related in LA: acting classes, agents, headshot photographers… you’ll find thousands and thousands. Many of them are scams, just out for your money or just plainly not good. And it’s hard to find this out with the help of the Google lords, for trustworthy reviews are sparse.

But fear not, after my first month in LA I have garnered some very useful information that I hope will help you out. First order of business: getting acting skills! So I present to you here the first chapter of the New Actor’s Guide to the LA Jungle: Acting Classes… Continue reading


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Getting Used to the American Way of Life

mommymakes Congratulations to myself! Besides that it’s my birthday in two days, I now have an apartment in Los Angeles, a California phone number, a new phone, a school schedule and two American bank accounts. Why two? Because I have too much money for just one, of course. Or because I signed on with Bank of America but changed my mind the next day.

Mere days ago I was still staying with a friend, I had a prehistoric Dutch phone, no American telephone number or bank account and no school schedule made. What a difference 5 days make!

But it’s only the beginning of the road… Continue reading


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First Days in Los Angeles: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

sixthandmain I am in LA! Yes, it has actually happened! After my first flight was cancelled, leaving me absolutely mortified, I have set foot in Tinseltown. And the last couple of days I’ve been constantly thinking: I need to blog, I need to update! But I’ve been so absolutely swamped with arranging things (okay, and also a very cool trip) that I literally haven’t found the time until now.

The last few days have been marked by ups and downs. They say that the first stage of culture shock is a Honeymoon period where everything is new and amazing, but I guess since I have been here three times already I skipped that. I went right to the next stage… Continue reading


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Last Post From Amsterdam

Yvette-InufioWell, it’s time. Tomorrow I’m flying out to Los Angeles. Yesterday was my good bye party. Today I’m a mess. I should be superduper excited. This is what I’ve worked for the last year. This is what I’ve dreamt of my entire life…

But dreaming is different than doing. My dreams were very optimistic and selective. They didn’t include seeing my nearest and dearest crying because I’m leaving them, they didn’t include saying goodbye to them, they didn’t include me overseas missing the hell out of them.

So yes, today is hard. The last week has been hard. To everyone who is considering ever taking the same step as I, take all these thing into account. It will get very difficult near the end. I’m sure by this time next week, things will look much different though. And I can’t wait to experience it, and share the experiences with you.

Today is the end of an Era. See you in the next! Continue reading


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