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On Confidence in Acting

Once upon a time was a Dutch soap star, who was extremely attractive in a Megan Fox kind of way. Her acting skills were never talked about, since most of what the girl was known for was the rich people she dated. This was a reason for many to dislike her. And after she married a very wealthy pro soccer player that dislike turned into hate. I never participated in this, since I don’t do the hate-a-girl-because-she’s-prettier-than-you thing. I actually really like Megan Fox. And I also like to believe this girl married out of true love.

Then, after years of the now very wealthy girl just doing presenting gigs, news broke that CAA a.k.a. one of the biggest agencies in Los Angeles, approached her to sign her. I was slightly puzzled by this, as she was not famous anywhere else but Holland and wasn’t that serious about acting, but then I guess the world is different for Megan Fox like hotties. My doubt was shared with media outlets however, some going as far as to call CAA and finding out they did not know about her. This somehow made me feel better. After all, the world couldn’t be that unfair, could it? Just giving wonderful acting chances to people who aren’t that passionate about it. Well, the story goes on… Continue reading


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An Open Letter to Zelda Williams

Yesterday, Zelda Williams, daughter of actor Robin Williams, wrote an open letter about nepotism and second generation entertainers in Hollywood on her tumblr. It was interesting to me because just recently I had read an article in a magazine about how children of famous actors/singers face a lot of challenges others don’t. The bottom line being that if they don’t follow in their parents’ fabulous footsteps they’re considered failures and if they do they’re considered having their position only because of their famous mom or dad.

Because I had strong feelings towards the subject matter, I decided to write my own open letter. To Zelda Williams, or Emma Roberts, or Lilly Collins, or any other second generation actor… Continue reading


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15 Seconds of Fame

The last few weeks have been interesting and great in many ways. For the first time in my life, I got a real taste of what life as a working actress is like. Being on set three weeks in a row, recording songs, rehearsing, working with call sheets, wondering about ratings…And, because of the format of the TV show – where winners of roles get some publicity- I got a tiny little taste of fame too.

All these experiences have brought some important insights to me. And some quite unexpected ones… Continue reading


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Top Ten Best Acted Scenes of All Time

vogue mythsOr at least from the last 30 years or so…And only considering the films I have seen.

Anyway, after Thanksgiving, family visits, sick days and other distracting stuff it is time for me to focus on what I came to LA for again, what I love doing, what I need…Acting of course! So for your viewing pleasure, education, and to get in the spirit of the coming award season, I hereby present to you my personal top ten of best acted scenes…Spoilers ahead! Continue reading


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Me Against the Monologues

Monologues. Every actor or actress will have to do them at one point. Especially if you want to audition for acting schools there’s no way around it. I was never any good at monologues. I never really quite knew what to do with them, how to make them interesting or “good.” I auditioned two times for the Theatre School in Amsterdam with a monologue, but without success. I told myself that it didn’t mean I sucked at acting. One of the most successful actresses my age in the Netherlands didn’t get through the

first round of auditions either after all. Maybe there was just a big difference between acting on film and theatre acting.

And there is. But despite all that I have to admit I just didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t take it seriously enough. Monologues scared me to death, to be honest. Standing there by yourself, acting off of nothing or off a camera with four people watching your every move? I can feel my hands get clammy already! But this week I finally beat the monologues… Continue reading


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The Formula to Success in Hollywood

Every actress or actor has wondered about it at one point in their career: What is the secret for being a successful actor? What do I need to do to improve my chances at being a working actor? What do I need to have? Is it working out like crazy? Having heaps of talent? Having a flawless face? Having the ever vague “X-factor”? Being confident? Being everyone’s friend? I’ve certainly wondered about these things. I studied the A-list actors like microbes in a petri-dish, looking for similarities, hoping to find a formula to success in Hollywood…

Hollywood's golden girls and boys of 2011, according to Vanity Fair.


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